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Dunton Hot Springs Resort in Colorado


Located deep in the San Juan Mountains is the Dunton Hot Springs resorts which were earlier known as a town of ghosts. It has been reconstructed into a marvelous resort in Colorado. When you come across from Telluride, you would be able to get the view of this beautiful structure.
The resort consists of log cabins which are furnished magnificently, serves quality food and some breathtaking interiors. In total there are 13 log cabins that have been repaired and all are constructed in a circle surrounding a saloon, alongside a large size bath house and a dance hall.
There are eight extravagant tents of canvas, a library, a chapel which is open-air and on site natural hot springs. These resorts are built of the woods completely.
If you are planning to go for a holiday trip, then visit one of these resorts and enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounds this place. The resort offers superior service for skiing during the winters and for remaining of the year you can go for mountain trails in the Rockies. The resort provides all the facilities, such as mountain bikes, ice-skates, equipment for snow-shoeing and cross-country skies to let you enjoy to the fullest.



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