Home Gadget Pongo – Portable Ping Pong, ALL DAY LONG!

Pongo – Portable Ping Pong, ALL DAY LONG!

Pongo – Portable Ping Pong, ALL DAY LONG!

We play all the games with our smartphones, tablets and computers in the last decade. You score your goals in football via video games or play ping pong on your phone. It is time to change the situation and bring the games to our lives from our devices. That is why I want to introduce you Pongo – the portable ping pong set that you will no longer play it on a device. Yes, I can hear you saying it must be a dream!!! With Pongo, every table can turn into a portable ping-pong table so all you need to do is to find an opponent – in flesh and blood!

Pongo includes a net that can be stretched to 5,5 feet in width so you can adapt it to any table in any width. Pongo offers cool paddles having collapsible handles so you can save space in Pongo bag when you carry it with you. The bag is small enough to occupy the little place and wisely designed to store the ping pong ball in the slot. You can never know when you will want to play ping pong! Keep Pongo in your car so either at work or school, anytime you find a table and an opponent, Pongo will be ready to entertain you.

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