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Sümela Monastery in Turkey

Close-up of Sümela monastery from across the valleyThe Sümela Monastery (Turkish: Sümela Manastırı), Greek: Μονή Παναγίας Σουμελά, i.e. monastery of the Panaghia ("All Holy", the Greek name for the Virgin Mary) at Melá mountain is a Greek Orthodox monastery, standing...

10 Creative and Interesting Umbrella Designs

Hand Free Umbrella The Hand Free Umbrella is perfect for walking to work while yapping on your phone with one hand and cradling a cup of coffee with the other. But I like...

Upside Down House

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Creative Mugs Designs

 Melting Icebergs Cup Cadarache Cup   Dunk Mug    Punch Coffee Mug The Ultimate Coffee Cup   Darth Vader Mug ...

Trendy Livingstones Design

This is a unique design of the living room sofa shaped like a stone and was designed by Smarin. if you use the living room couch this form will look different from the...

Tentacle Shower Head

Love it or hate it, it doesn't matter. What's sure is that this shower head will get a reaction out of everyone. Plus, the idea of having multiple movable jets like that...

Fairy Pool

This is a crystal clear pool on the isle of Skye(Scotland). Well worth a visit!via hdrcreme by rudikIf you enjoyed this post, Leave comment please!

Egg Doodles

These egg doodles.No artist listed. They are excellent example of doodle art so am including on this site. Would appreciate knowing who the artist is.Doodle 1Doodle 2Doodle 3Doodle 4Doodle 5Doodle 6Doodle 7Doodle...

Bach Icd