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Narrow and Small Kitchens

In small and narrow spaces, practical ideas make a difference in decoration.  The kitchens are one of the most frequently used areas of the house. Many items are the areas where devices are stored.
However, they may have a smaller or narrower plan compared to other areas of the house.

Use Decorative Wall Shelves

You can use new and practical ideas to design your kitchen as needed. In small kitchens you can evaluate decorative wall shelves or functional wall decors to save space from the floor space.

Use Bar

With functional solutions, you can work out the kitchen areas in a practical way. The use of a bar in the kitchen can be used as a multi-purpose bench or table during preparation and eating.

Storage areas by product size

You can design kitchen cabinets, shelves or drawers based on the size of the kitchenware or product to be kept.

Rural style

If you want to create a tranquil atmosphere, country style items of wood and natural materials may be of interest to you.

Elegant and modern

You can design both a stunning and elegant kitchen with modern style elements. You can find an elegant and modern kitchen in many brands.

Retro Kitchen

If you are interested in furniture with periodic traces, retro kitchen models are just for you.


You can reflect the vintage school in your kitchen using patterns, textures and furniture that carry the traces of the past.


You may be interested in a sophisticated kitchen design with the right lighting elements.

Pastel colors

When pastel colors are used in narrow kitchens, they do not tire.

Create Contrast

Contrast colors will add vitality to your kitchen.

Use of chalkboard

For recipes and notes, the use of chalkboard in kitchens offers both aesthetic and functional solutions.

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