Baileys Filling Beer Mug Cupcakes

Spoil your guests with these amazing beer mug cupcakes. They look as good as they taste and they are filled with delicious Bailey’s Irish Cream. You will find the list of ingredients down below. Cake ingredients: 3 eggs, 1/2 cup […]


Twist Your Office Into a Bed

We bring a nice suggestion for those that prefer to work at home (or sleeping in their work place). Created by the designer Mira Schroder, this bed desk is a valuable piece for any space of limited size. This convertible […]


Vertical Pyramid Garden Planter – DIY

When planing your garden layout and trying to correct the planting space and you do not have enough space for all the plants you wish to have, try going vertical. This project will bring to you that extra space you […]


Sculptural Lighting by Cameron Design House

This beautiful lighting fixture was designed by Ian Cameron of Cameron Design House located in North West London UK. Using a combination of man-made and natural materials, the studio produces contemporary designs that are unique and that are maintaining a […]


Sleep at The Giant Bird Nest

Whenever the concept of nest comes in to picture it depicts comfort and warmth and that is why in this one nest has been the concept that was used while designing. This is designed by O*GE. This bed is designed […]


The Famous Ágitagueda Art Festival in Portugal

This is innovation at its best and connecting it with any festival makes it really smart. Have you ever imagined a street with thousands of umbrellas hanging above provided shade to the people from the crouching heart at this time […]


Picnic at Your Home

There are some particular things then become very popular and then they set trends and this is same in the case of this one. This is a picnic table that serves the purpose of being natural and at the same […]


Shams Villa: The Best of Recreational Housing

Shams Villa is located near a small village in Tehran and is one of the most beautiful recreational houses one has even seen. The primary intention behind the development of this house was the fusion of modern technology with the […]

Monthly Archives: September 2012

  • Terrace_Garden_05
    Terrace Garden at Bandra
    Posted in: Architecture

    Hovering above the concrete jungle of the Bandra neighborhood in Mumbai, ‘The Terrace Garden’ by The White Room studio was built to offer respite from the chaos and clatter of the city, offering obscure views of the Arabian Sea.This 1500 […]

  • 1-3-
    Creative Door Eye Stickers
    Posted in: Creative

    “Pimp Your Door” With Creative Door Eye Stickers from studio Excite Check out these funky, super cool stickers collection that will reach every entrance door – back or front. All are high quality stickers that incorporates the door spy-hole by […]

  • transparent-toaster
    Glass-Transparent Toaster

    Many of us have been disappointed seeing a toast pop out with a deep reddish black on it.This design will make our wish comes true,watching the bread while it toasts to make sure we pop it before it surpasses the […]

  • doubleendchaisestripes
    Creative Squint Limited Furniture
    Posted in: Creative, Furniture

    A collection of creative Squint Limited Furniture. Squint is a unique, independent design company which produces and retails premium quality, bespoke, hand-crafted exuberant furniture and home accessories. More: Squint Limited

  • iphone-5-apple-design-new
    Apple IPHONE 5
    Posted in: Technology

    The smartest thing to rise from iphone since iphone with all wondrously features the Apple company has presented iphone 5. Thin,silky,larger display,a faster chip,the latest wirelss technology are some among the features which satisfy the desire of those who were […]

  • dezeen_Pencil-case-pen-and-Pencil-2-by-YangRipol-top-2
    Pencil-case Pen by Yang:Repol
    Posted in: Creative

    The design is from London design studio YangRipol a pen that doubles as a pencil case anderaser-capped pencil with its own brush. The Pencil-Case Pen has a built in elastic band that acts as a minimal pencil case.Also Pencil V2.O […]

  • iwatch_concept_1
    Apple iWatch Concept
    Posted in: Creative, Technology

    Say “Hello” to iWatch.iWatch is a wrist device with these features: – Aluminium body- WiFi and Bluetooth- Integrated RSS Reader- 16GB;- Weather forecast system;- Possibility to connect to the Bluetooth or WiFi to iPhone / iPad- LCD projector to show […]

  • viseo
    Volkswagen Viseo
    Posted in: Vehicle

    Marc Kirsch’s diploma project was created in collaboration with Volkswagen design in Wolfsburg Germany. A three-seat prototype car powered by an electric engine. The project was created considering the visual and conceptional influence of internationally renowned architect Santiago Calatrava. Kirsch created […]