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Terrace Garden at Bandra

Hovering above the concrete jungle of the Bandra neighborhood in Mumbai, ‘The Terrace Garden’ by The White Room studio was built to offer respite from the chaos and clatter of the city, offering obscure views of the Arabian Sea.This 1500 sq ft rooftop was conceived as a pleasure garden where one could watch the sun setting into the sea...

Creative Door Eye Stickers

"Pimp Your Door" With Creative Door Eye Stickers from studio ExciteCheck out these funky, super cool stickers collection that will reach every entrance door – back or front. All are high quality stickers that incorporates the door spy-hole by simply placing the removable sticker in position by the spy-hole and every knock at your door becomes amusing.Order today and...

Glass-Transparent Toaster

Many of us have been disappointed seeing a toast pop out with a deep reddish black on it.This design will make our wish comes true,watching the bread while it toasts to make sure we pop it before it surpasses the perfect level of crispiness.We hope the product will hit shelves soon!! Source:

Creative Squint Limited Furniture

A collection of creative Squint Limited Furniture. Squint is a unique, independent design company which produces and retails premium quality, bespoke, hand-crafted exuberant furniture and home accessories.More: Squint Limited

Minimalist Kitchen Design

It named Icon for exceptional Italian kitchen that is offering pretty sleek design.It is designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for new concept of modern kitchen that is blending luxurious style for living and to be put on display. Rear tidy systems that reveals itself from below the counter top at the touch of a button,smooth surface of table top and cool...

Apple IPHONE 5

The smartest thing to rise from iphone since iphone with all wondrously features the Apple company has presented iphone 5. Thin,silky,larger display,a faster chip,the latest wirelss technology are some among the features which satisfy the desire of those who were waiting. Not only wide view it has,also provide a larger Retina display.Compared with iPhone 4S,this one gives you 18% more...

Pencil-case Pen by Yang:Repol

The design is from London design studio YangRipol a pen that doubles as a pencil case anderaser-capped pencil with its own brush.The Pencil-Case Pen has a built in elastic band that acts as a minimal pencil case.Also Pencil V2.O has an angled brush on the eraser end which can be used tobrush away bits of used eraser.Enjoy!!Source:

Minimalist Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

A collectio of Minimalist Bedroom Interior Design Ideas. One of important aspect in design especially that which shows how the interior design elements fit together and become pieces of a whole room is the usage of color. Check out these bedroom interiors from Huelsta that provide some visual design inspiration especially in terms of color. The great deal of the impact of these...

Apple iWatch Concept

Say “Hello” to iWatch.iWatch is a wrist device with these features:- Aluminium body- WiFi and Bluetooth- Integrated RSS Reader- 16GB;- Weather forecast system;- Possibility to connect to the Bluetooth or WiFi to iPhone / iPad- LCD projector to show everywhere pictures by your iPhone / iPad- Available in various colorsSource:

Volkswagen Viseo

Marc Kirsch’s diploma project was created in collaboration with Volkswagen design in Wolfsburg Germany. A three-seat prototype car powered by an electric engine. The project was created considering the visual and conceptional influence of internationally renowned architect Santiago Calatrava. Kirsch created a vehicle that enables a higher level of comfort whilst enhancing the driving experience and promoting ecological values. The...