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It was in 2012 when we first realized that we should fulfill the vacancy by sharing Interesting and Creative Designs and engineering ideas. Because, at that time, we were enthusiastic about design and creativity. But we could not find sources to read what was new. This led us to create a brand new website for design, technology, engineering, art, and so on.


Today, as, we are a passionate team that loves learning and sharing new designs, arts, architectures, inventions, ideas, plans, and changes. Besides, we have loyal readers that support us to share what we have learned. We will always be here to tell you what is happening in the design and technology world. If you have any suggestions for us, feel free to contact us at any time!

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Through affiliate links, advertising, and sponsored partnerships with companies like brands, merchants, or public relations firms, Interesting and Creative Designs is paid. On purchases purchased directly through links from posts or adverts on this site, we may receive a commission. Please note that we are a reader-supported website. When you buy items through the links we share, we may earn a commission. However, not all the links on are affiliate links, so please be aware of that.


This site, which our users have freely read and enjoyed for years, is supported in part by the links on it. The basis of our interaction with readers is offering frank and sincere reviews. You can contact us whenever you have any questions or concerns.