Pearl Residence: The House With Pristine Comfort

Pearl residence is located near Cape Town and offers the perfect amalgamation of natural beauty and high end technology designed by Gavin Maddock Design Studio. It is the perfect getaway spot for people who are looking to take off sometime […]


Making The Best Use of Broken Pots

The trends in gardening have changed a lot during the course of time. Creative decorations on home garden have become very popular amidst house owners. One of the most creative acts in the garden decoration process is the utilization of […]


An Amazing Alarm Clock That Makes Coffee

How would you feel if you wake up to a mesmerizing smell of coffee? Doesn’t it lure you instantly? Yes it surely does. An industrial engineer named Josh Renouf has created a perfect alarm clock for all coffee lovers.  The […]


Ideas for Designing around your TV in your Living Room

Incorporating a TV into your living room can feel like a difficult task as it’s such a dominant feature that will draw the eye in from all angles. Therefore getting the balance right and optimising the surrounding decor is a […]


Lighting Fixtures that Look Like Helium Balloons

These beautiful and colorful lighting fixtures that look like balloons are part of the collection named Memory by Boris Klimek created for Czech manufacturer Brokis. If you enjoy playing and you are a nonconformist person, this collection will delight your […]


Vegetable Food Art

The access to fresh and tasty vegetables is now possible in any time of the year since the technology in growing bio vegetables is so advanced. If you are at least careful with your health and weight you will be […]


Camping on a Higher Level: Suspended Tree Tent

Tents are becoming more and more specialized with time offering amazing outdoor experiences. If you are a nature and adventure lover picking the right tent can be quite a challenge as you have to take in consideration numerous quality factors. […]


New Concept in Luxury Yachting: The Yacht Island

When it comes to luxury, there are really no limits for what people can create. Probably you have seen luxury yachts before, but not like this one. Yacht Island Design Ltd. based in UK made a great concept, that is […]

Monthly Archives: May 2013

  • Childrens-Sleepover-Foldable-Bed-in-A-Bag-1
    Sleepover Foldable Beds for Kids!
    Posted in: Furniture

    It is best to be prepared from beforehand when children are considered, especially during the time of sleepovers. If your child is going somewhere or you have your kid’s mate at home, it is good to have a bed of […]

  • Picture-147_small
    Build of CEC Miami Jeep Wrangler
    Posted in: Vehicle

    The exemplary off-roader automobile, Jeep Wrangler in Miami has been converted into the definitive blend of comfort and power without compromising with the distinctive character of the Wrangler Jeep. Every feature of the Jeep is designed keeping in mind the […]

  • 11985_1000x1000
    Boat with a Built-in Barbecue
    Posted in: Vehicle

    An amazing boating ride for an unforgettable experience! The boat features built-in barbecue grill along with an umbrella and trolling motor which offers a seating of 10 adults. The 24 inches diameter of the boat features 10 people seating, three […]

  • Indoor-Glass-Swimming-Pool-in-London-UK-1
    Internal Glass Swimming Pool
    Posted in: Interior Design

    Customized Internal Glass Swimming PoolIn London People are always fascinated by customized swimming pools. Who wouldn’t like to have a pool that flows impeccably through your home? The same goes for the custom internal glass pool running through your home.  […]

  • 5874037593_951d80c284_b
    Archipod Garden Office

     Design your New Office While the rise in price to commute work increase, the advancement in computer helps you to make the viability of working from home a real life option.  An Archipod garden office helps you to save your […]

  • big_blue_in_dutch_landscape
    The SleeperTonke Field
    Posted in: Creative, Vehicle

    Comfy and Multipurpose The SleeperTonke Field I is one of the best storage wonders. It provides significant space for bikes, furniture, furnishings and many other things and can be carried from one place to another on request. The Sleeper Tonke […]

  • Table-Hamac_07-25C2-25A9-ENCORE-HEUREUX_web-600x400
    Picnic Table Hammock
    Posted in: Furniture, Table

    Take your Picnic Table anywhere to create a Perfect Hammock The summer season has so much in store for you this year, sometimes; you just wish to drowse off sitting in your garden. The most appropriate way of doing that […]

  • ago_06
    Ago Micro Taxi Concept
    Posted in: Vehicle

    Micro Taxi Concept designed by Maxim Shershnev & Tigran Lalayan. With consideration to the fact that taxis generally carry just 1 or 2 passengers at a time, the Ago Taxi eliminates that useless front passenger seat, positioning the driver in […]

  • Blue_Forest_ecoPERCH_tree_house_accommodation_1_gallery-image
    The eco-PERCH Luxury Treehouse
    Posted in: Architecture

    The eco-PERCH concept is based on Blue Forest’s famous tree houses. It’s natural, organic geometry maximises the relationship between the inside space and the outdoor setting, ensuring the structure sits harmoniously within the landscape. This versatile accommodation unit offers guests […]

  • 08-valentin-vue-cube-4
    Extra-ordinary Suspended Room
    Posted in: Interior Design

    Modern studio apartment physically separated from the rest of your home, it is hanging bedroom mounted to the ceiling.One way to think of a bedroom is as that space where you can remove yourself from the rest of the world, relax […]