Pearl Residence: The House With Pristine Comfort

Pearl residence is located near Cape Town and offers the perfect amalgamation of natural beauty and high end technology designed by Gavin Maddock Design Studio. It is the perfect getaway spot for people who are looking to take off sometime […]


Making The Best Use of Broken Pots

The trends in gardening have changed a lot during the course of time. Creative decorations on home garden have become very popular amidst house owners. One of the most creative acts in the garden decoration process is the utilization of […]


An Amazing Alarm Clock That Makes Coffee

How would you feel if you wake up to a mesmerizing smell of coffee? Doesn’t it lure you instantly? Yes it surely does. An industrial engineer named Josh Renouf has created a perfect alarm clock for all coffee lovers.  The […]


Ideas for Designing around your TV in your Living Room

Incorporating a TV into your living room can feel like a difficult task as it’s such a dominant feature that will draw the eye in from all angles. Therefore getting the balance right and optimising the surrounding decor is a […]


Lighting Fixtures that Look Like Helium Balloons

These beautiful and colorful lighting fixtures that look like balloons are part of the collection named Memory by Boris Klimek created for Czech manufacturer Brokis. If you enjoy playing and you are a nonconformist person, this collection will delight your […]


Vegetable Food Art

The access to fresh and tasty vegetables is now possible in any time of the year since the technology in growing bio vegetables is so advanced. If you are at least careful with your health and weight you will be […]


Camping on a Higher Level: Suspended Tree Tent

Tents are becoming more and more specialized with time offering amazing outdoor experiences. If you are a nature and adventure lover picking the right tent can be quite a challenge as you have to take in consideration numerous quality factors. […]


New Concept in Luxury Yachting: The Yacht Island

When it comes to luxury, there are really no limits for what people can create. Probably you have seen luxury yachts before, but not like this one. Yacht Island Design Ltd. based in UK made a great concept, that is […]

Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • TILT_Product_OB_2New-590x895
    The OpenBook Library Chair
    Posted in: Chair, Furniture

    While technology advances, and contrary to expectations, books are still loved. The OpenBook is a seat and a library that celebrates the printed form.Its design represents an evolution from TILT’s original Library Chair which itself was designed for a Grade […]

  • hammock-tub-4
    The Vessel Hammock Bathtub
    Posted in: Creative, Ideas

    Struck by the synergy between the shapes of two compelling symbols of relaxation, a hammock and a bath tub, Splinter Works were inspired to develop a piece that would provide the ultimate vehicle for total escapism.  The peaceful experience of […]

  • Cleverkitchen
    Original Circle Kitchen
    Posted in: Creative

    The Original Circlekitchen is an innovative high-tech compact kitchen concept for commercial and residential use. This 180° revolving circle kitchen design features all the characteristics of a traditional kitchen with an incredibly low demand on overall space, less than 1.8 […]

  • IMG_0060_colorcorrect_correct_size_940
    Analog Memory Desk
    Posted in: Furniture

    A desk to record all the small items you write down once,  but intend to forget tomorrow. I’ve come to realize that I’m somewhat obsessed with how we remember the past.  This is the latest installment in that series and […]

  • smart_swimming_goggles
    Smart Swimming Goggles
    Posted in: Technology

    Smart Swimming Goggles designed by Han Chanhee, Kim Juyoung, Han Dhojin & Kwon Yoonjoo. Specifications; The built-in GPS component shows the location of other divers. A ‘call’ button on the left side of the goggles allows you to call another diver, […]

  • Lamborghini-Egoista-Concept-1
    Lamborghini Egiosta Concept
    Posted in: Vehicle

    Lamborghini has just come up with their latest launch, the Lamborghini Egiosta Concept, copying designing idea from the aviation world. This Apache helicopter style vehicle is powered with 5.2 litre V12 engine with 600 horsepower. Amazing sharp lines and enthusiastic […]

  • SMoores_13-04-09_Parker-Brothers-Concepts_0743-Edit
    Tumbler- WHY SO SERIOUS??
    Posted in: Vehicle

    Tumbler was built due to two reasons, first it was easy and second it was amazing funny. One of the members went gag a about Dark Knight, and this year it is or Gumball. The idea was discussed with Parker […]

  • 5159978ce8f8b
    Soleta Home – 500sq. ft. Of The Grid
    Posted in: Interior Design

    People usually don’t like many of the grid homes, but this Soleta home is different. The home was designed by Justin Capra Foundation for Sustainable Technologies and Inventions. The structures are green and environmental friendly with flexibility for various size […]

  • porter-cottage-exterior-side
    Houses of the Maine Coast
    Posted in: Interior Design

    What started as a simple gift from a daughter to her father is now a great doorway with an end result which is completely off the power grid that most of us rely for almost everything. Established on a small […]