Baileys Filling Beer Mug Cupcakes

Spoil your guests with these amazing beer mug cupcakes. They look as good as they taste and they are filled with delicious Bailey’s Irish Cream. You will find the list of ingredients down below. Cake ingredients: 3 eggs, 1/2 cup […]


Twist Your Office Into a Bed

We bring a nice suggestion for those that prefer to work at home (or sleeping in their work place). Created by the designer Mira Schroder, this bed desk is a valuable piece for any space of limited size. This convertible […]


Vertical Pyramid Garden Planter – DIY

When planing your garden layout and trying to correct the planting space and you do not have enough space for all the plants you wish to have, try going vertical. This project will bring to you that extra space you […]


Sculptural Lighting by Cameron Design House

This beautiful lighting fixture was designed by Ian Cameron of Cameron Design House located in North West London UK. Using a combination of man-made and natural materials, the studio produces contemporary designs that are unique and that are maintaining a […]


Sleep at The Giant Bird Nest

Whenever the concept of nest comes in to picture it depicts comfort and warmth and that is why in this one nest has been the concept that was used while designing. This is designed by O*GE. This bed is designed […]


The Famous Ágitagueda Art Festival in Portugal

This is innovation at its best and connecting it with any festival makes it really smart. Have you ever imagined a street with thousands of umbrellas hanging above provided shade to the people from the crouching heart at this time […]


Picnic at Your Home

There are some particular things then become very popular and then they set trends and this is same in the case of this one. This is a picnic table that serves the purpose of being natural and at the same […]


Shams Villa: The Best of Recreational Housing

Shams Villa is located near a small village in Tehran and is one of the most beautiful recreational houses one has even seen. The primary intention behind the development of this house was the fusion of modern technology with the […]


  • Vegetable-Art-and-Food-02
    Vegetable Food Art
    Posted in: Art

    The access to fresh and tasty vegetables is now possible in any time of the year since the technology in growing bio vegetables is so advanced. If you are at least careful with your health and weight you will be […]

  • Ads-25C4-25B1z
    Turning Bare into Beautiful
    Posted in: Art, Saatchiart

    Bare walls have their up sides. They open up a room and have the potential to make it feel bigger and brighter than it really is. The problem with these blank canvases, however, is that they are just that; blank, […]

  • Miniature-Hobbit-Home-06
    Miniature Hobbit Home
    Posted in: Art

    This beautiful house that looks like a hobbit home is actually a bonsai artwork, a reinterpretation of Tolkien’s fantastic hobbit home where Bilbo Baggins, Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee lived. Inspired by stories filled with magic, wizards ,elves and other […]

  • Traffic-Lights-Rainbow-04
    Traffic Lights Rainbow
    Posted in: Art

    Have you ever heard of ”Paradise Fears”? This is a band represented by a group of six young boys from South Dakota. The band was formed when the guys were somewhere around the age of 17, back in 2006, but […]

  • Hand_Painting-Art-by-Guido-Daniele-1
    Hand Painting Art by Guido Daniele
    Posted in: Art

    Meet Guido Daniele, the Italian artist who graduated from Brera School of Arts in 1972, majoring in sculpture and who is now living and working  in Milan, Italy. He is the genius behind this incredible collection of hand paintings. Throughout […]

  • icreatived-sneaker-tectonics-3D-Art
    Sneaker Tectonics 3D Art
    Posted in: 3D, Art

    In broad terms, contemporary architecture can be defined as the architecture of our days. There are people that say that contemporary art is art produced in “our lifetime”, accepting that life spans vary. With a public that does not consider […]

  • icreatived-A-Walk-in-The-Ekko
    A Walk in The Ekko
    Posted in: Art

    When you can not go on hiking, cycling, snowshoeing, horse riding or cross-country skiing, rambling or hillwalking, you can just go walking in a relaxing place especially designed for that. We would like to speak to you about such a […]

  • The-light-sculpture-Forms-in-Nature
    The Light Sculpture Forms in Nature
    Posted in: Art

    If you are an arts fan, you probably are not a stranger of the art of Darwinist Ernst Haeckel, therefore you will find this light sculpture we intend to share with you today quite familiar. Using the intense light in […]