Yorkshire-based, UK Bricklayer Johnny Clasper has a skill for transforming the commonplace material into artworks. From pebble mosaics to drystone sculptures and stone balancing acts, stonemason's passion for his craft is apparent in every detailed design..

There is no dearth of creativity in this world and some instances are shown by talented artists like Ben Young. His glass sculptures have already become famous on several sites and these are created in wonderful effects and techniques. Another unique technique that is explored by him are working with layered glass. Layered glass is created by putting together cut...

New Jersey-based artist Sue Beatrice, aka All Natural Arts, creates eye-catching steampunk sculptures made out of old watch parts. Her clever creations are made complately out of recycled materials. The discarded and found objects ( sprockets, gears, vintage pocket watches, etc.) are upcycled and repurposed into unique items.

Artist Stan Herd creates a large-scale rendition of Vincent van Gogh’s “Olive Trees” for the Minneapolis Institute of Arts’ 100th anniversary celebration. Completely composed of plants, rocks and dirt. He has been doing that for years by using fields as his canvas.. https://vimeo.com/139016244

A group of designers and art directors worked together with PANTONE to start a wonderful street art project named ‘Project Monsoon’. The team painted the streets with beautiful colored murals by using hydrochromic paint. Inspired by the South Korean culture..

Italian based sculptor Lorenzo Quinn has created a series of bronze, stainless steel and aluminum sculptures named ‘Force of Nature’. The sculptures indicates mother nature hurtling planet earth around in circles.

Azerbaijan-based artist Faig Ahmed reinterprets the traditional art of carpet in a modern context, by creating hand-woven carpets that appear stretched, distorted and bent..

There are many who like quirky art and many who come up with unique ideas on how to create art out of everyday, mundane items. For audiences who are inspired by these artists, they can keep a lookout for the French artist monsieur plant combines sneakers with nature which is a headline seen on many portals these days. If you...

Ever wondered how Disney characters would have looked like in real life? Jirka Vaatainen has made this possible with his beautiful illustrations of Disney Princes and Princesses. A Finnish artist and designer from Melbourne, this digital artist has grabbed attention from the huge number of people with his series of real-life paintings of these characters. The illustrations revealed how these...

We have seen instances of art work and digital visualizations created by many artists, but it is rare that a unique natural phenomenon is seen in an unnatural surroundings. This is being talked about with reference to the colourful flowers in Utah deserts that have been photographed by Guy Tal. İn the Art works section showcasing the Badland region of...