Vertical Pyramid Garden Planter – DIY

When planing your garden layout and trying to correct the planting space and you do not have enough space for all the plants you wish to have, try going vertical. This project will bring to you that extra space you […]


Sculptural Lighting by Cameron Design House

This beautiful lighting fixture was designed by Ian Cameron of Cameron Design House located in North West London UK. Using a combination of man-made and natural materials, the studio produces contemporary designs that are unique and that are maintaining a […]


Sleep at The Giant Bird Nest

Whenever the concept of nest comes in to picture it depicts comfort and warmth and that is why in this one nest has been the concept that was used while designing. This is designed by O*GE. This bed is designed […]


The Famous Ágitagueda Art Festival in Portugal

This is innovation at its best and connecting it with any festival makes it really smart. Have you ever imagined a street with thousands of umbrellas hanging above provided shade to the people from the crouching heart at this time […]


Picnic at Your Home

There are some particular things then become very popular and then they set trends and this is same in the case of this one. This is a picnic table that serves the purpose of being natural and at the same […]


Shams Villa: The Best of Recreational Housing

Shams Villa is located near a small village in Tehran and is one of the most beautiful recreational houses one has even seen. The primary intention behind the development of this house was the fusion of modern technology with the […]


25 Most Beautiful Tree Houses From All Over The World

Almost every little child has a dream of living in a tree house. While some of us may have fulfilled this desire, there are plenty of us who still crave for this dream. Tree houses are very different from any […]


The Importance of Pink Color in Bedrooms

Karina Wiciak is known for creating some of the best interior and exterior designs. This designer from Wamhouse has created one of most adorable designs by creating a perfect combination of pink and white color. The theme is based on […]


  • Lap-Mug-04
    Lap Mug
    Posted in: Creative

    You know, designers have a use of exercising their imagination, they just make a brainstorm or draw whatever shape they can imagine and after that they try and see what it looks like, or if it fits with some needs […]

  • Keep-Your-Style-at-Mealtime-02
    Keep Your Style at Mealtime
    Posted in: Creative

    For those of you that hate loosing the style during your mealtime, the Spanish designer Héctor Serrano came up with a gorgeous idea giving a hole new look to those common napkins everyone uses for preventing the clothes getting stained. […]

  • Frozen-Peas-Shaped-Ice-Mold-04
    Frozen Peas Shaped Ice Mold
    Posted in: Creative

    Want to make giant ice balls in your home freezer with minimal effort? The Frozen Peas Ice Ball Mold is a creative product that will allow you to easily do that. Besides looking and being extra cool the mold is […]

  • Hartley-Woodsies-Sunglasses-05
    Hartley Woodsies Sunglasses
    Posted in: Creative

    The company Hartley came on the market with their Woodsies sunglasses, these fancy looking ones that are made from neutral briches. The glasses have the 80′s Style curved line, are handmade and have polarized UV400 lenses in different colors with […]

  • Innovative-iPhone-Shoes-03
    Innovative iPhone Shoes
    Posted in: Creative

    3D printing technology has gotten more and more popular the past few years. Trying to combine art, fashion, 3d printing and product design, Alan Nguyen, designer of Freedom of Creation created the iPhone Mashup Shoe. These incredible shoes were first […]

  • Credit-Card-Knife-03
    Credit Card Knife
    Posted in: Creative, Ideas

    CardSharp is a real knife for a real man! This particular knife, which is surprisingly compact and convenient, is always handy! It is a Folding knife that is always comfortable and useful not only in the campaign, but also in […]

  • my-lego-mug-1
    My Lego Mug
    Posted in: Creative

    If you find it hard to let go of your childhood memories then the new Build-a-brick Mug will not only arouse your constructive creativity but also will fill your lust for coffee. So now you can start your morning enjoying […]

  • cao-hui-sculpture-01
    An Amazing Chair For Halloween
    Posted in: Creative

    Nobody would like to have furniture that is designed in a ghostly manner. However, the design of the sofa or rather the chair created by Cao Hui is truly amazing. When you see the chair, you feel surely feel like […]

  • nutrima
    How Toxic Are You?
    Posted in: Creative

    As toxic products are increasing in the market day by day, it is essential to take use of some products that can tell you about the nutrition of the food that you are eating. Along with this, there should be […]