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12 Unusual Taxis from all over the World

Collection of 12 unusual taxis from around all over the world.We all usually use the same boring taxis everywhere, but some of photos which shows there much different types of taxis around...

Audi O

The 2008 Audi O concept was designed by Ondrej Jirec, a design student from the Czech Republic who is beginning studies at the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California in 2008.via: diseno-art

The Polygon Concept Bike

The Polygon concept bike was designed by Reindy Allendra. It was nspired by the human DNA, and it has controls for iPod/MP3 player built in to the steering of the main...

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Helicopter Car

For more than a century man has dreamed of the freedom provided by a flying car. The ultimate vehicle to go wherever and whenever you want to, easily overcoming all sorts of...

Mutant bicycles

Todd Kundla rides his Shoe Bike at Fiesta Gardens on Friday Oct. 17, 2008.  Photo by Jay Janner/Austin American-StatesmanI‚Äôve never seen a bicycle with tennis shoe tires until I got the assignment...

Skeleton Bike

Weird design of a modified motorbike using a sketon framework that would scare the hell out of people on a dark street. Cool or lame, I would choose the latter as it...


We were dead before the ship even sankThis photo was taken on August 27, 2008 in Velika Cista, Sibenska, HR via: flickrIf you enjoyed this post, Leave comment please!