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The population of the world has been increasing uncontrollably. Apart from the problems like unemployment, carbon footprint, environmental pollution, etc. there occurred one more vital problem: the housing crisis. Let us think about the houses or apartments built about 50 years ago. These apartments were pretty big. However, today, not only we can find affordable houses but also these houses are so small. Small living areas led companies to produce multifunctional and compact products. Today, we are here to learn more about the flow wall desk designed by Robert van Embricqs. The flow wall desk is not only a multifunctional desk but also a piece of art. You can create a separate working area for yourself only with one twist. The desk offers a room to shift with time. For example, the desk can become a cozy workplace during the day ad later it can become a wall-hanging piece of art after being used. You can use your folding wall desk in your home, library, office, hotel, or in many different areas. The designer, Embricqs, told that he tried to think about the functionality and design as a whole. We can say that he is really successful in thinking of different perspectives. Many designers fail in considering the user’s experience. But Embricqs clearly took into consideration the user’s psychology. With the help of joints that are placed specifically, vertical elements emerge from the wall. The appearance looks like a caterpillar. The brass joints create a visual rhythm and the shape will maintain its function. You can turn the axis of the sample by hand and create a tabletop. When the tabletop is in a horizontal position, wooden slats support the table so that it can be steady. The designer indicates that he engineered the flow wall desk without losing attraction.