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Toast-ER by Shay Carmon

Concept toaster to revive your bread. toasting device in the shape of a defibrillator has been created by israeli industrial designer shay carmon It has various heat settings through the sliding button...

USB Toaster Hub and Thumbdrives

Some have said, if toast is so good, why don't they just leave the bread in the oven longer and make the whole loaf toasty? Those people are morons. The initial premise...

Glass-Transparent Toaster

Many of us have been disappointed seeing a toast pop out with a deep reddish black on it.This design will make our wish comes true,watching the bread while it toasts to make...

Creative Bread Toaster

This creative bread toaster was designed by Shay Carmon. Toaster not only toast your bread; but also revives your old bread. It will make fun toasting bread and you will feel like a doctor ;)via

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