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Croatian Boomerang Smart and Cheap Design

Getting tired of your furniture? Dont have money to buy new one? Just take wrench andtwist this Croatian boomerang around...Make chandelier out of your chair, or chair out of yout table... so many ideas, so many stiles...You might never want anything else...By volunter writer Josip ŠtekoVia:

The Hot Tub Boat by Hot Tug

The Hot Tub was created by Hot Tug. Six to eight people can comfortably sit.The Hot Tug is filled 2,000 liters of water and it takes almost three hours to reach desired temperature. Source:

Blandito ® Transformable Leisure Pad

Blandito ® transformable pad for lazy living by Oradaria Design. You can transform Blandito into a chair, sofa, a cozy bed or a toy for kids.When you need a break, a snooze, a little bit of sweet idleness, it fits your body, wraps it, hugs it.With no hard structure inside, it is soft and malleable. They say that the transforming Blandito is...

Bloomberg Flexible Display

The Bloomberg Flexible Display design was done in collaboration with Bloomberg and is the intellectual property of Bloomberg. Two ultra thin displays are mounted on an elegant arm that can be easily rotated from horizontal to vertical position, with software automatically adjusting screen orientation.The expression of the product reflects Bloomberg's dynamic services and culture.BLOOMBERG® PROFESSIONALVia:

Bathtub and Fireplace Design

These are Luxury Bathtub and Fireplace Design. This deluxe room,  built with wood from a nature. So luxurious, allowing you to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace from all angles. Via:

Oxygen by Juventa

Oxygen is a fresh air that blows through Juventa.All basic pieces are present in the collection. Sideboard, vitrine bar, couch table, TV-cabinet.The design is simple and straight lined, but gets a higher value by the some what playful veneer and the aluminium line.Juventa feels very strongly about quality, consumers buying a Juventa product can be assured of a good...

Colour Changing Shower Head

Turn your shower into a beautiful stream of coloured light with the new LED Shower Head. Simply replace your existing shower head with the LED Shower Head and watch light up and change colour completely at random.The Colour Changing Shower is self-powered with the LED lights being illuminated by the force of the water running through it with absolutely...

Dream Princess Coach Bed

THIS CARRIAGE DOSEN’T TURN INTO PUPMKIN Lacote kids furniture and interior  designed this bed for making your childs dreams come true .  This carrriage bed looks like a real carriage that brings your little princess to her dream casstle. The play is the first and the main occasion for develloping the childs mental ,sensual,social skills and kids personnality. Lacote‘s esential concept...

Recycled Barrel Wood Scooter

Made for use in the city area, inspired by Art Deco style.The scooter is made from recycled barrel wood lists.The connectors are made from stainless still.The scooter was customized for industrial manufacturing and fromonly one barrel you can get up to 10 scooters.Source:

The G-1 Pool Table

It's fascinating to see where your kicked pool table ball goes,ie everything is visible with welldesigned accesories.That is design from Nottagedesign.