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Colour Changing Shower Head

Turn your shower into a beautiful stream of coloured light with the new LED Shower Head. Simply replace your existing shower head with the LED Shower Head and watch light up and change colour completely at random.
The Colour Changing Shower is self-powered with the LED lights being illuminated by the force of the water running through it with absolutely no batteries required.

Installation couldn’t be easier and it’s completely safe to use. Presented in easily-cleaned chrome that will complement the decor of any bathroom, the LED shower head is attractive in its own right, as well as a fun novelty that everyone will love using

* Colour changing shower head that is powered by water pressure.
* Easy and simple to install.
* 15 LED lights fitted into the diffuser.
Turn your shower experience into a colourful light show.


24cm length, 5.5cm Width(shower diffuser)
You can Buy on sawitfirst.co.uk