Multifunctional Arm Chair With a Bed Attached

The present day world is all about utilization of the best resources and that is why there are many products that are designed in such as way that it gives a dual function. Elena Sidorova has been producing some of […]


Mirror, Mirror in the House

This one is based on a magical concept and it has been able to scale the reputation. This house is made of small mirrors that are curved by hands. There are thousands of these mirrors. The main attraction of the […]


Baileys Filling Beer Mug Cupcakes

Spoil your guests with these amazing beer mug cupcakes. They look as good as they taste and they are filled with delicious Bailey’s Irish Cream. You will find the list of ingredients down below. Cake ingredients: 3 eggs, 1/2 cup […]


Twist Your Office Into a Bed

We bring a nice suggestion for those that prefer to work at home (or sleeping in their work place). Created by the designer Mira Schroder, this bed desk is a valuable piece for any space of limited size. This convertible […]


Vertical Pyramid Garden Planter – DIY

When planing your garden layout and trying to correct the planting space and you do not have enough space for all the plants you wish to have, try going vertical. This project will bring to you that extra space you […]


Sculptural Lighting by Cameron Design House

This beautiful lighting fixture was designed by Ian Cameron of Cameron Design House located in North West London UK. Using a combination of man-made and natural materials, the studio produces contemporary designs that are unique and that are maintaining a […]


Sleep at The Giant Bird Nest

Whenever the concept of nest comes in to picture it depicts comfort and warmth and that is why in this one nest has been the concept that was used while designing. This is designed by O*GE. This bed is designed […]


The Famous Ágitagueda Art Festival in Portugal

This is innovation at its best and connecting it with any festival makes it really smart. Have you ever imagined a street with thousands of umbrellas hanging above provided shade to the people from the crouching heart at this time […]

Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • 4f4d50a678ca489c9350204795ffdd7d
    Montauk Nest Chair
    Posted in: Chair, Furniture

    Back by popular demand, West Elm’s best-selling Montauk Nest chair is all you need to make your patio into a paradise. Crafted from all-weather wicker and newly improved lightweight, rust-resistant frames, this airy, open-weave seating is designed to live outside, […]

  • 81BsW7xU52L._SL1500_
    Black Dress Hanging Jewelry Organizer
    Posted in: Ideas

    We live in a world where storage space is constantly shrinking. The Little Black Dress jewelry organizer from Umbra is a super-thin, double-sided storage solution for jewelry, cosmetics, hair and fashion accessories, and all of life’s curiosities. 39 clear pockets […]

  • aaa
    Mehrzeller–Luxury Caravan Concept
    Posted in: Vehicle

    Mobility and living on the move are very important themes of our fast-moving age. People want to be mobile but at the same time, have a strong desire for a lasting home and their own personal four walls. In the […]

  • 1l_limit_faucet-25281-2529
    One Liter Limited Faucet

    1ℓimit faucet designed by Yonggu Do, Dohyung Kim & Sewon Oh.Faucet looks like an elegant test tube inverted on top of a tap. The glass tube holds exactly one liter of water, sufficient for a quick handwash. Accordin to theory […]

  • 373bc8b531b140e1aa4460010ccc6c47
    Complete Folding Chair on Wheels
    Posted in: Creative

    Opens in 10 seconds from luggage to lounger! Lounge in luxury! This innovative new chair design combines everything you would need for a comfortable day at the beach, in one chair. The Beach Lounger Pack Chair features two attached coolers, […]

  • 314866361970987777_df90af1428cb
    Magic T100 Convertible Table by Ozzio
    Posted in: Furniture, Table

    The Magic T100 Convertible Table by Ozzio is an extremely versatile and highly functional table made to be a space saver for residential environments. The Magic can be used as a low lying coffee table, or raised and extended to […]

  • glass_house_1
    Glass House
    Posted in: Interior Design

    “Simplicity is when, in the act of creating the dwelling, matter becomes transparent, a medium for aesthetic values, the stage and theater of representation. Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio pursue and achieve their design intention in which glass figures as […]

  • 16faaf23bd9590907f17a9988a1030f25bc44a79-4-t710
    Desk Convertible to Bed
    Posted in: Furniture

    Desk Convertible to Bed designed by Athanasia Leivaditou.Tha lid of the desk is pulled in order for more spaceto becreated. The front facade lays down and constitutes thebase mattress of the bed the right facede can slopein order to function […]

  • 2e453c54bd404e1782d0666268f850c6
    Giant Inflatable Floating Island
    Posted in: Ideas

    The Blue Lagoon Floating Island holds up to 6 people and includes:  4 cupholders, built-in cooler, a boarding platform, wading pool and endless fun. Independent air chamber for backrests, Heavy gauge PVC for long lasting use. You can Buy on […]