Renovating Old Floor with 13,000 Pennies And Turning It Into Stunning Patterns


If you have lot of pennies that you are not sure how to put to good use, then here is what you can do. Renovating Old Floor. Tonya Tooners shows us what you can do with these neglected pennies and what we see in her house is a prime example on how everything can be used. She has made a floor of pennies, and not just a floor but a patterned one at that, with nearly 13000 pennies.

All she used was 3 bags of pennies worth $50 each and the Elmer’s glue (which was probably the most used item), epoxy, wood filler and grout. It did not happen in a day and she had to spend a few months to complete the project owing to different reasons. When she started it she was not planning on a specific design but she just decided to have it as diamonds. Now when you look at the complete floor, it is not just diamonds that you see, do you?

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