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The 32°N adaptive focus sunglasses offer a unique solution that goes beyond style. The glasses can swith from reading mode to distance!

Adaptive Focus Sunglasses for Both Myopia and Presbyopia

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Imagine stepping into the future of eyewear innovation with just a pair of sunglasses and introducing the 32°N sunglasses by DeepOptics, a revolutionary breakthrough in vision technology. These aren’t just your ordinary fashion accessory; they’re a significant stride forward in liquid crystal lens technology. The 32°N adaptive focus sunglasses offer a unique solution that goes beyond style. They directly address your vision needs with cutting-edge innovation.


The 32°N adaptive focus sunglasses offer a unique solution that goes beyond style. The glasses can swith from reading mode to distance!

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How 32°N Sunglasses Transform the Eyewear Experience

At the heart of the 32°N sunglasses’ innovation is a technology DeepOptics refers to as pixelated liquid crystal (LC) lenses. This cutting-edge approach uses thousands of tiny electronic controls within the lenses to dynamically adjust the prescription. For individuals experiencing presbyopia, a natural aging process that affects one’s ability to focus on close objects, this technology is a game-changer.


Traditionally, those with presbyopia have had to switch between different pairs of glasses. For example, one is for sunlight protection and another for reading. The 32°N sunglasses eliminate this inconvenience. With just a swipe on the frame near the temple, users can trigger a change in lens prescription. And seamlessly they adapt their vision to different needs.


Couple wearing 32°N Sunglasses


DeepOptics CEO and co-founder Yariv Haddad explains that while other dynamic-focusing optics exist, they often rely on moving parts, making them unsuitable for eyeglasses. The liquid crystal material in the 32°N glasses is key to enabling this new generation of adaptive eyewear. In addition, it can electronically change its optical characteristics without any physical alteration in shape.



Sustainable Solution

The technology is not only about convenience but also about longevity and environmental sustainability. As presbyopia progresses, the need for different prescriptions arises. The 32°N glasses, however, can be updated via an accompanying app, adapting to changing vision over time and reducing the need for multiple pairs of glasses.



Looking beyond presbyopia, DeepOptics has ambitious plans to extend this LC lens technology to eyeglasses for myopia. Moreover, the company offers its users the ability to toggle between distant and reading prescriptions. This feature addresses the limitations of bifocal or progressive lenses, which traditionally divide the lens into sections for different uses.



Moreover, DeepOptics is working on a version of these smart sunglasses that can switch modes automatically. Utilizing eye-tracking sensors embedded in the frame, the glasses could discern whether the wearer is focusing on something near or far. The glasses can adjust the prescription accordingly.


Woman wearing 32°N Sunglasses


This innovative approach aligns with the growing demand for high-tech eyewear.  For example, technology not only enhances vision but also integrates seamlessly with our digital lifestyles. From the use of LCD screen technology akin to that in TVs and smartphones to the integration of a small processor, battery, and Bluetooth chip, the 32°N sunglasses are at the forefront of optical tech innovations.




As the world of eyeglasses technology advances, products like the 32°N adaptive focus sunglasses by DeepOptics are setting new standards in eyewear functionality and design. They represent not just a solution for aging eyes but a vision of the future where technology and personal wellness converge seamlessly.



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