Pearl Residence: The House With Pristine Comfort

Pearl residence is located near Cape Town and offers the perfect amalgamation of natural beauty and high end technology designed by Gavin Maddock Design Studio. It is the perfect getaway spot for people who are looking to take off sometime […]


Making The Best Use of Broken Pots

The trends in gardening have changed a lot during the course of time. Creative decorations on home garden have become very popular amidst house owners. One of the most creative acts in the garden decoration process is the utilization of […]


An Amazing Alarm Clock That Makes Coffee

How would you feel if you wake up to a mesmerizing smell of coffee? Doesn’t it lure you instantly? Yes it surely does. An industrial engineer named Josh Renouf has created a perfect alarm clock for all coffee lovers.  The […]


Ideas for Designing around your TV in your Living Room

Incorporating a TV into your living room can feel like a difficult task as it’s such a dominant feature that will draw the eye in from all angles. Therefore getting the balance right and optimising the surrounding decor is a […]


Lighting Fixtures that Look Like Helium Balloons

These beautiful and colorful lighting fixtures that look like balloons are part of the collection named Memory by Boris Klimek created for Czech manufacturer Brokis. If you enjoy playing and you are a nonconformist person, this collection will delight your […]


Vegetable Food Art

The access to fresh and tasty vegetables is now possible in any time of the year since the technology in growing bio vegetables is so advanced. If you are at least careful with your health and weight you will be […]


Camping on a Higher Level: Suspended Tree Tent

Tents are becoming more and more specialized with time offering amazing outdoor experiences. If you are a nature and adventure lover picking the right tent can be quite a challenge as you have to take in consideration numerous quality factors. […]


New Concept in Luxury Yachting: The Yacht Island

When it comes to luxury, there are really no limits for what people can create. Probably you have seen luxury yachts before, but not like this one. Yacht Island Design Ltd. based in UK made a great concept, that is […]


  • As-If-From-Nowhere-Furniture-04
    “As If From Nowhere” Furniture
    Posted in: Furniture

    ”As if from nowhere” is a project by Orly Reynolds. As you can see from the pictures, it is a modular multifunctional piece of furniture. It looks like a normal library with interior colorful contours but in fact, this trivial […]

  • Nautilus-Table-04
    Nautilus Table
    Posted in: Furniture, Nautilus, Table

    Low table Nautilus II is the second edition of the artistic table shaped nautilus shell drawn by designer Marc Fish. The result is a simple piece of furniture and a very stylish lounge. Marc Fish is a famous English designer […]

  • Sasan-Magic-Carpet-01
    Sasan Magic Carpet
    Posted in: Carpet, Furniture, Magic

    The carpet in the living room is an elegant addition to any type of living rooms and bedrooms of many homes. It can easily be placed even in the bathrooms or hung on a wall as a tapestry. It is […]

  • Face-Shelving-03
    Face Shelving
    Posted in: Furniture

    In this article we talk about something special: bookshelves – in various shapes and colors for the most eccentric of us. And we will not limit ourselves to showing you some shelving models which can simply replace a library. Shelves […]

  • Pixeled-Sofa-03
    Pixeled Sofa
    Posted in: Furniture

    We would like to bring to your attention a different style that is definitely not news for those of you that are passionate about design. This is a typical product of a new generation of designers, those designers that grew […]

  • Built-in-Bookcases-04
    Built-in Bookcases
    Posted in: DIY, Furniture

    If you feel the need to reinvent one of your rooms, we bring to you an elegant suggestion: some built-in bookcases. You can buy the materials you need from Ikea. These materials are Billy bookcases and Billy bookcase extender shelves. […]

  • Bookcase-Door-by-DeForest-03
    Bookcase Door by DeForest
    Posted in: Furniture

    This bookcase door is part of a dream home designed by DeForest Architects. Located in the Cascade Mountains, the house which holds this clever door has a lot of stylish features and interesting secret rooms that take you into a […]