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Sunriu Design has been designing pet-friendly furniture for years. Today, we will check out the out the Quarter Sofa!

Sunriu Design and the Perfect Sofa for Your Pets

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Cat owners can relate to the fact that everything in our homes belongs to our cats, the real owners of the house. Therefore, every piece of furniture and every item in our home should be according to our cats’ desires. Sunriu Design has been designing pet-friendly furniture for years. Today, we will check out the out the Quarter Sofa!


The Quarter Sofa is one of the best pet-friendly sofas, allowing cats to sleep and play inside the cat tunnel. This design of a pet-friendly sofa mesmerizes people. Here are some of the things we like most about the cat tunnel sofa by Sunriu Design.


modular furniture

Image Credits: Sunriu Design


Modular Design of Customizable Comfort of the Quarter Sofa

The cat tunnel bed by Sunriu Design has ingenious modular construction. You can easily assemble and disassemble the components of the sofa and create circular and square modules. Therefore, the design ensures that it perfectly fits for any space, lifestyle, and adventurous spirit of your cat. This modularity does not just cater to human preferences for aesthetic and spatial arrangements but also creates an ever-changing playground for cats to explore, jump, and play.


A Sanctuary for Feline Explorers

Cats have inherited curiosity and a love for exploration. For this reason, the Quarter Sofa provides an endless source of entertainment and mystery. The unique layout of the cat bed tunnel layouts possible with the sofa’s modules serves as an ideal landscape for adventure. The pet-friendly sofas of Sunriu Design allow cats to satisfy their natural instincts to investigate and conquer new terrain. Quarter sofas that are pet-friendly ensure that your pet remains engaged and happy.


S shaped sofa



Cozy and Practical for Humans

While the sofa is a haven for cats, it does not compromise on human comfort and convenience. Its design exudes coziness. In addition, the cat bed and tunnel invite you to relax and unwind in their embrace. The flexibility to rearrange the modules caters to varying seating needs.

Therefore, this makes it a perfect choice for gatherings of any size. Moreover, the hollow armrests and base are not only a cat tunnel toy for your cats but also offer clever storage solutions. These spaces can be utilized to keep magazines, books, and other essentials. The Quarter Sofa blends functionality with a minimalist aesthetic that elevates any living space.



Durable, pet-friendly sofa

Sunriu Design constructed the Quarter Sofa from a combination of wood and high-quality fabric. The large cat tunnel sofa withstands the playful antics of your cats while maintaining its elegance and comfort. The choice of materials reflects Sunriu Design’s commitment to durability and pet-friendliness. Lastly, the sofa providing tunnels for cats ensures easy maintenance and is the is the centerpiece of your home.


A cat sleeping in a cat tunnel



An Honest Comment about the Quarter Sofa

The innovative design of the Sunriu Design sofa includes hollow armrests and bases that double as playful tunnels for cats. These nooks provide a unique playground for pets. In addition, the design encourages exploration and play. However, these same areas pose a challenge when it comes to cleaning. Dust, pet hair, and other debris can accumulate in these hard-to-reach spaces, necessitating a thoughtful approach to maintenance.



It is not easy to clean the Quarter Sofa

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