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10 Creative and Interesting Umbrella Designs

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Hand Free Umbrella [link]
The Hand Free Umbrella is perfect for walking to work while yapping on your phone with one hand and cradling a cup of coffee with the other. But I like its funky style when you wearing in the rain! You just push the button and pull the handle towards you and umbrella will simply “pop” open to protect you.

Musical Umbrella [link]
What if it’s raining and you’re going along the melodious ripples of music. Won’t that be just like sunshine in winter or the rejuvenating zephyr in summer? ‘Yes’ it would be, indeed. So, when it rain you can enjoy the music, just by holding up your umbrella! Where its handle would serve as a part for controlling the music, its dome structure would provide music that would be deeper and concentrated. Moreover, if you want to forward a particular track just turn it to the right and to reverse, just turn it to the left. But if you are supposing this umbrella is just for people in rain, then forget it because it could be used even if it’s not raining and you are at home for that just put it in the corner of your room with cradle and delve into the musical sea!

                                     Sprout Umbrella by Matthew Swinton [link]
The canopy and all the hardware is enclosed in the handle. A knob on its face turns to unlock the inner mechanism. The knob slides down the umbrella, forcing the canopy arms out through the top of the shaft. The flexible plastic arms are bent as the exit the handle, pulling the canopy with it. When fully open, the knob is turned back to lock the umbrella open.

                                  LED Umbrella by Sang-Kyun Park [link]
Designer Sang-Kyun Park has designed an LED Umbrella, called LightDrops. This LED umbrella is designed to power by the energy of falling rain drops, it turned the energy of rain to the electricity, and light up the LED. It means that the heavier rain, the LED Umbrella will be very bright.

The Inside Out Umbrella by Seung Hee Son [link]

The umbrella is an incredible invention since nobody has a way to prevent a wet dripping umbrella from creating a mess in your house. We’ve settles for umbrella stands that catch the water or my method, leave it outside. The Inside Out Umbrella solves this problem by fully inverting into a small bag. All the wet drippy stuff stays inside.

                                      Cloud Umbrella by Joonsoo Kim [link]
The Cloud Umbrella by Dutch Joonsoo Kim. Cloud Umbrella is a cloud-shaped umbrella concept by designer Joonsoo Kim that you will need to pump it up when you feel the rain drops. The umbrella is pumped using its pump-handle. I’m sure that thing will keep you wet in the rain.

Polite Umbrella [link]
Polite Umbrella is a shrinkable umbrella that enables users to morph its shape in order to reduce occupied space and to increase user maneuverability. Users can easily adjust their umbrellas anytime by pulling a handle so that they can protect themselves from harsh winds or bumping into others.

Stand Umbrella [link]
The Stand Umbrella is simple idea – an umbrella can stands up by itself. The Stand Umbrella was designed by Hironao Tsuboi. Come in from the rain, and you can stand it up in the corner, where it will dry off and be out of the way. Its three small feet don’t affect how you use it, but really come in handy when you’re not.

BlueTooth Umbrella [link]
Rain blasted urbanites should love this idea. Bluetooth Umbrella is simply an umbrella with a bluetooth enabled handle for handsfree operation with your mobile phone. It also doubles as radio so you can totally go “singing in the rain.” It should be interesting to see someone walking down the street in the pouring rain talking into his umbrella handle. lol

Rain Forecasting Umbrella [link]
The materious’s umbrella can forecast the rain weather. This umbrella packed a LCD handle that can glow the light. The white lighting indicates sun, the light blue lighting indicates lighting rain, the blue lighting indicates it will rain, you should bring the umbrella. How does it know the weather info? This umbrella can wireless download the today weather information from the internet via wi-fi. Forecast’s lighted umbrella handle glows more intensely with the increased chance of precipitation offering a clear and unobtrusive signal to the user. I love this concept design.

via designswan

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