10 Unusual and Stylish Socks


Collection of Unusual and stylish Socks

1. Sock Guy Kegger

These funny quarter socks also have a beer keg on the cuff of the sock. Price: $9.99
(Buy it Here)

2. Tattoo Socks 

Every fashion lover must have these socks .The asymmetric look is very interesting, it gives more focus and attracts more attention. (Link)

3. Meat and Intestines Socks 

Just make sure they’re fresh—this meat goes bad if you don’t wash it regularly. (Link)

4. Bunion Control Socks 

Bunion control socks (Link)

 5. Heat Socks

With the Heat Sock EX motorcycle riders and outdoor workers, these radiating heat socks keep you warm in the coldest winter conditions. Price: $264 (Link)

6. Nike SB Pigeon Socks 

(Link | Photo)

7.  Zip It Passport Socks 

Want peace of mind when traveling? Keep your passport and cash securely tucked in this zippered sock!  (Link)

 8. Anatomically Socks 

 Chances are, they will freak out your classmates in gym class, which is probably the best reason to get some. Price: $19.98. (Link)

9. Spock Socks 

Star Trek socks. (Link)

 10. Super Mario Socks 

They won’t make you jump higher  but they’ll sure take you to another level. Price: $11.99. (Link)