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10 Wonderful Kitchen Designs

If you want to redesign your kitchen, we can help you a little bit. Inspired by these 30 excellent designs, you can crack the enemy with your own kitchens.

1. 17th and 18th century Delft tiles and the perfect harmony of the fireplace in blue tones.

Designer: Annie Brahler

2. This little New York City cuisine has a place for everything.

Designer: Stephanie Stokes

3. A unique combination of wood, concrete and metal.

Designer:  Anik Pearson

4. A quiet and peaceful kitchen…

Designer: Susan Ferrier

5. Kitchen of a modern farmhouse

Designer: Mick De Giulio

6. Artistic touches…

Designer: Erin Martin

7. Excellent use of wood and steel. What about the colors on the shelves?

Designer: Dan Doyle

8. Kitchen cabinet design inspired by an old photograph of a 1920s yacht:

Designer: Gary McBournie

9. It’s a design that reflects the spirit of 9th century England.

Designer: Incorporated Architecture & Design

10. Perfection of this walnut:

Designer: David Dalton