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15 Creative Optical Illusion Pictures

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 It involves a lots of thing. Focus on and try  to count the number of faces shown in this picture. 

Musician or Women

What you see?

Face Made of Hands

At first you thought  there are lot of hand there joined together. But when you concentrate a bit you will find that this combination of hands appears to look like a face.

Skull Bakery

 This is actually a bakery, and the breads form skulls. Also, the ‘skull’ in the middle is actually a woman that has a basket with a lot of bread on top of her head.

Animal Head

Made by a very famous artist to create a very scary effect by combining different animal images and placing them to form a human face.

Is that a Corner House?

Jesus Optical Illusion

Look at the man on the horse and find out how artist portray that.

Horse or Mountain

This is a natural mountain which has a shape of a horse face.

Devils Head or Women Standing

The illusion above looks really scary when we see it randomly. Some people see it as a head of a devil while most of the others feel that a woman is standing, what do you see?

Wolf Optical Illusion

Try to count the number of wolves you can see in this picture.

Faces or Design Illusion

Is it simply a design or you can find out two faces?Try to concentrate to see more.

Face Optical Illusion

 Can you see any human face in this optical illusion? If not just move away from the screen and try focusing on the center portion.

Stone Corridor

Is this real? The color of the middle stone match with the color of the background lane.

Moving Things Illusion


Could you find Jesus in these lines?


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