18 Square Meter Living Room Decoration

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The living room is the most important room in any apartment.  As this room spends more time, the living room should be comfortable, comfortable, and functional.  Now we have increased interest in decorating apartments.
Individuality is very important in the rooms. Today, the most common living room is 18 square meters in size.


Just think simple and simple

18 square meters of living room decoration is important to think simply. Think of the room as comfortable and breathable with little and handy furniture.

Watch the paint selection

You should know the role of the paint in the bright and spacious room of the hall before the 18 square meter hall decoration. You can make a short wall a little darker. So you can make the hall look great by creating depth. If you want to use wallpaper, you can make the room look wide using vertical lines.

Choose furniture by hall

The choice of furniture is very important for 18 square meters of living room decoration. Because they are the most occupied in the hall.  They are the most preferred L seats in small halls. The armchairs matched to the wall paint show the hall more spacious and airy. You can also choose your own standing and single seats.  It should be compatible with carpets, furniture, and wall paints. You can choose a 3-dimensional, geometric shape that will provide depth and wide area.  If the hall is getting plenty of light and the wall color is light, the seat color may be matt. You can put a dresser or coffee table in the corner of the living room. You can have an aesthetic wall unit on a suitable wall. You can put on TV, ornaments, and books. You can evaluate the corners of the beams with decorative small shelves.

Make the selection of the curtain well

The hall looks dark or spacious, with a choice of curtains. Curtains must be color matching with the seats. It may be preferable to have the color or tone of the selected wall.

Learn the right lighting

Look at the maximum natural light in the daytime. You can create beautiful landscapes by planting potted flowers in front of the window. Darker corners show the hall even smaller. Instead of excessive ceiling lighting, you can create lighting that doesn’t get tired by placing a soft lamp on the corners and lampshades. On the wall; To reflect the light, you can use the table and mirror to provide depth.








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