2 in 1 Ping Pong and Conference Table


Have you thought about how some products can have double-duty? The Ping Pong conference Table is a product created for mixing business activities with fun. The table was designed by Ryan Vanderbilt for important meetings combined with fun lunch breaks. It can make an awesome addition for any office or home and you can also use it as a boardroom table or a dining table. The conference table comfortably seats up to ten people and it comes with a detachable net, four colorful paddles, and one pack of balls. In our modern and digital society when everything is always ‘on’ it is important to disconnect sometimes and have fun. This product is very good for both mind and body because it encourages activity and play during the day. A good and fun game clears the mind and increases productivity. If you are convinced of the huge benefits of buying this table then it’s time to say goodbye to boring meetings.