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Virtual Wall, Traffic Light (Urban Design)


Virtual Wall, Traffic Light (Urban Design)

iF concept award 2008, Germany / The Saint-Etienne 2006 International Design Biennale, France

Traffic accidents are among the major causes of death in Korea. Every year increased the pedestrian accidents at pedestrian crossing zone. And I thought that crossing zone is sharing space between pedestrian and driver. But drivers are never care which pedestrian’ safety in the real world. Even drivers are sometimes switching to pedestrian. And nowadays, urban sites got the problem that disturbance of traffic signal. We are surrounded such a crazy commercials and crowd environment near the road space. That’s a one of reason that many drivers losing attention and difficulty of awareness into traffic signal. And, I’d like to make wall up on the car’ stop line at the moment. Virtual Wall, It’s really effective in driver awareness. Because Virtual Wall can get bigger image and better look.

Designed by Hanyoung Lee

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