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12 Spa-Type Bathrooms

Designer: Amy

Bathrooms for long are considered to be a personal space. When this personal space gives an individual even experience of spa then this space exudes calm. In this conquest of making bathrooms even more relaxing, Chris John breaks all barriers that come between interior spaces and outdoor via his new design of open bathroom, He makes use of natural and neutral colored stones that cover whole of ceiling and floor for extra airy appeal. On the other hand, in his design Vadadim Grinevich introduces dramatic movements to contemporary bathroom via myriad color tiles usage. Organic and natural look has also been given to this space by minimalist look.

Visualizer: U6 Studio

Visualizer: Tearte Digital
Designer: Chris John
Visualizer: Marcin Pajak Design
Visualizer: Vadim Grinevich
Visualizer: Chris John
Visualizer: Chris John
Visualizer: Chris John
Visualizer: U6 Studio
Visualizer: U6 Studio


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