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Nature Inspired Stairs

Today we will speak to you about the Art Nouveau decorative arts, that was most popular during 1890 – 1910. This trend was a reaction to the academic art of the 19th century and it was inspired by natural structures and forms like flowers and plants styled until they got to beautiful curved lines. Architects that use this style want to harmonize with the nature. Art Nouveau is a complete style since it covers graphic art, interior designs, architecture including furniture, household silver and jewellery all together with fine arts. This shows us that Art Nouveau is also a way of life. According to all of these things, that Art Nouveau style represents, designers or artists developed the desire to combine applied arts along with fine arts, even for utilitarian objects.
There was a component of this project that we thought it deserves to be shared with you. The Nature Inspired Stairs are actually a continuation of the graphic lines that trace their way through the entire house design. The lines are bifurcate and curl from the wall to compose this delicate border for the stair treads, turning the corner into a stair void and finally lifting and rising for a sort of veil of the balustrade. A stair project that has harnesses digital fabrication and production creates a deeply sculptural seamless experience. Enjoy!

Design: atmos  
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