Cute pencil holders are easy to find, but none of them eco-friendly or cheaper, especially if you have many or constantly changing them.

Here we have a great option for you, which is not only totally sustainable but also fully customizable and fun.

What makes this big idea is making your own pencil holders by using recycled materials. You can discover your creativity and make so many you’d like to do.

Are you bored? Follow the steps below to make your own DIY Plastic Bottle Pencil Holder.

Step 1: Find an unused empty plastic bottle to recycle and take away the labels.

Step 2: Cut the mouth part of the bottle and put aside for now.

Step 3: Make sure that the cut is smooth so that it will not injure yourself.

Step 4: Now cut the shape you want to complete your design.

Step 5: Add your new piece and draw the figure you decide.

Step 6:  Paint your figure and let it dry entirely before you using your great new DIY pencil holder!