3 Central Heating Myths


The great unknown can seem a little daunting, especially when it comes to your own home. A lot of people will tend to leave the heating system as it is, or know very little about any changes they might want to make.

The truth is that central heating isn’t as complicated as everyone seems to think, and as a heating specialist, CNM Online wanted to set the record straight on three common heating myths.

1. I wanted a combination boiler, but I’m not sure my system can take the pressure?

It is important to check your system will be able to handle any changes you might want to make, and any good plumber should be able to help you with this. However, It is a common myth that a lot of systems won’t take the pressure. Combination boilers work on sealed heating circuits and pressure is generally maintained at 1.5bar.

Radiators are tested to 10bar, with valves and other bits and pieces being tested to 3bar. The plumber may experience a little pressure loss if the system isn’t 100% fit for purpose, but we just say to keep some money to one side to fix any arising problems.

  1. My house always seems to be cold, do I need bigger radiators?

    Bigger isn’t always better in the heating world. You are better off checking all your radiators are free of air and sludge before replacing them with a bigger unit. A bigger radiator will put your boiler under more strain, cost a lot to install and could just make the room too hot.

    If you’re really struggling with it being a little too cold during the worst months, perhaps look into a portable heaters to use in the coldest rooms. Also, check to make sure all your doors and window seals are stopping any cold air entering, or hot air escaping.

3. Could a bigger boiler help me get more heat?

The boiler should be sized to the heating system as the boiler can only be as effective as the radiators. If you have a boiler too big for the heating system you may just be wasting money.

If you’ve put an extension on the house or converted a garage, and now have more radiators drawing heat from the boiler, then a bigger one could be a good option. Speak to a plumber before any purchases are made.

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