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30 Square Meter Living Room Decoration

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The halls and the hall layout, which are indispensable for a house, are very important for all of us. You are moving to a new home or tired of the layout of your room You have a 30 square meter living room and you don’t know what to do. Keep in mind that a 30-square-foot saloon means freedom for your belongings. Let’s get your stuff. What we have; TV unit, sofa set, dining table, console and lights TV


Sofa Set

If you think about how to put the sofa set in the hall, you will find the answer now. For your 30 square meter living room where you can comfortably place your belongings, choose your sofa set as classic, angular, or L seat
You can choose L seats for a more spacious living room. Place your L seat against the TV unit. The farther away from the television, the better for your health.

TV unit

Align your TV unit to communicate with your seat. Especially in the evening, you can sit comfortably in the armchair and watch TV. You can now watch the TV unit that you installed in front of your L seat from both the left and the right.

Dinner table

You can still place your dining table anywhere near the edge of the glass. Minimalism in the halls gives a modern look and adds freshness.


You can keep the consoles near the dining table and keep them on the wall. Especially the consoles placed on the corner of the wall will help you to gain a larger area.


Use LEDs that are easy to answer if you think about how to light your room. Especially the latest LEDs are designed to illuminate your entire hall. If you like a dimly lit environment, we recommend you to have a lampshade or large visual lighting in your room with your chandelier lighting and decorating.






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