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6 Easy and Relaxing Steps for Scandinavian Interior Design

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We are sure that you have heard of Scandinavian or minimalist furniture or decoration ideas before. Brands like Ikea try to spread the style as well. Because Scandinavian interior design refers not only to the decoration but also to the lifestyle, It represents minimalism, nature, and high quality. Beginning at the beginning of the 20th century, the Scandinavian interior design mixes old and new styles. The styles are from Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. If you wonder more about the Scandinavian style, we can say that the style crosses with authentic and modern-industrial styles.


Millions of people around the world would like to redecorate their homes according to Scandinavian decoration principles. You can start with the easiest steps and change the atmosphere of your house. You will see that minimalism is the best! Here is a guide for you to decorate your house according to Scandinavian interior design principles.


Scandinavian interior design

Try to minimize things

You know, Scandinavian interior design means having bright, decluttered, and open spaces. Therefore, first, you should start to declutter your office. Ask yourself if you really need that item. Going for minimalism may be the hardest one. Because you will decide which items will no longer be in your home, In order to declutter your home, you can buy organizers and additional closets. In this way, you will not see items or stuff that cause a mess.


Scandinavian minimalism

Go for quality

If you change your furniture completely, you can choose high-quality Scandinavian furniture. Because Scandinavian craftsmanship includes natural elements, multifunctional items, and high quality, We know that sometimes we make bad choices and buy low-quality things just for home economics. But, if you are determined in Scandinavian interior design, spend a bit more and go for the quality. Besides, stores like Ikea offer optimum prices, for your information.


2 men manufacturing furniture

Bring natural elements

Scandinavian counties have breathtaking nature. And in fact, the Scandinavians know how to appreciate nature. They know how to work with nature, admire it, and respect it. They try to get what nature offers. This leads Scandinavians to reflect on their appreciation of their homes. Therefore, Scandinavian interior design mostly consists of natural elements like bright and light wood, house plants, natural textiles like wool and linen, and many others. If you would like to follow Scandinavian home decoration principles, try to release the power of natural elements in your house.


Scandinavian decoration with natural elements


Choose neutral colors

While trying to choose the best color for Scandinavian interior design, you should imagine nature. The natural world consists of many different types of colors. You should try to choose lighter versions of these colors. This way, you will have a wide variety of furniture choices. In addition, you will feel bright and relaxed in your home.


Scandinavian style room

Use contrast

You chose neutral colors for your walls. Now, it is time to add some contrast in order to keep your house alive. In most of the Scandinavian interior design styles, rooms rely on the principle of creating contrast-house alive. In most of Scandinavian interior design styles, rooms rely on the principle of creating contrast. You do not have to bring big contrast elements into your house. For example, you can choose darker-colored kitchen cabinets or opposite-colored vases. In order to have a wide range of options, you can extend your thinking to walls, lighting, wall art, furniture, etc.


Scandinavian contrast colored living room

Learn Hygge

Hygge is a Danish word that we can translate as cozy togetherness. As the Scandinavian weather condition is dark and harsh, the Scandinavian interior design brings warm and comfortable elements. If you would like to get Hygge philosphy to your house, you can put candles, slippers, and candles in your room. Besides, a fireplace would be perfect for Hygge.

To be successful in Hygge, you do not need to worry about unfolded blankets, favorite items in the eye line, etc. Just try to relax and ease things. You can also purchase cozy and comfy chairs to use while reading, drinking coffee, or watching your favorite movie. Do not forget the enjoy your Scandinavian interior design.

Hygge philosophy

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