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Montessori toddler room

7 Essentials for the Montessori Toddler Room

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Before diving into Montessori toddler room design ideas, let us get some sophisticated information about this trend. Montessori design is an approach to interior design based on the principles of emphasizing child-centered learning. The main aim of this philosophy is to create an environment that supports the independence and exploration of children.


The rooms designed according to philosophy should engage children in a free and fostering environment. Such designs support children’s cognitive, emotional, and physical development. If you would like to create a Montessori toddler room, we have listed some key elements. Let us start supporting children together!


Montessori toddler room


How to organize a toddler room in Montessori?

We have created a guide for you. Our guide will include choosing the ideal room, furniture, shelving, plants, and many others.


Find a good location for the Montessori room.

Your child is the most valuable person in your life. So, the best room should be your child’s. But the best room does not mean the biggest one; instead, it is the one with the most natural light. Choose a room that has a good level of natural light during the day.


Montessori toddler room


Choose the furniture.

Montessori kids rooms should include child-sized furniture. For example, small tables, chairs, or sofas for children are best to choose. With these types of furniture, you will support the independence of your child. Besides, your beloved child will engage in activities comfortably. Another essential thing to consider when choosing the right furniture is the material. Be sure that the furniture is made of natural materials.



The mattress should be close to the floor, supporting the child’s movements and independence. Besides, the low mattress will provide a safer sleeping space.



You should place shelves at your child’s height. Montessori toddler rooms should have child-sized furniture with accessible shelves. The shelves will only belong to your child, who will access toys and tidy up his or her toys and materials without any help from you. You should support open shelving and open baskets to support your child.


Practical life equipment

Montessori should support children in every aspect of life. For example, we must cook and eat in order to survive. So, you should place cooking utensils in the room. Or, you can add a small basin and towels to the room so that your child can take care of his or her hygiene.


Get an indoor climber.

Children love to climb, run, or jump. Not only the Montessori toddler room but also every kid’s room should consist of climbers. There are hundreds of kinds of climbers. You can choose between rainbow or triangle climbers. If the stores suggest other kinds of climbers, be open-minded and get them!


Create a reading corner for the Montessori room.

Now, it is time to support your child’s reading habits in an independent way. You can choose comfortable chairs for your child. Be sure to add a lamp and a basket next to the chair. Do not forget that this room is a free zone for your child. So, you can ask your child to choose the furniture as well.


montessori reading corner


Buy Montessori toys.

The Montessori toddler room should have enough space for the toys. There are Montessori toys for every age. But generally, these toys are educational, supporting creativity and productivity. On the other hand, these toys are generally wooden with neutral colors. But plastic is not fully banned. If you can find plastic Montessori toys that are not hazardous to your health, you can buy these ones as well.



Create Art Display walls.

The creativity of your child is everything. To support your child’s creativity and senses, you can hang artwork at your child’s eye level. In addition, you should use low-lying frames and removable hooks.


Include a Nature corner.

A Montessori toddler room should support children in every area. We have added child-sized furniture, daily life equipment, etc. And now, it is time to introduce plants, rocks, and maybe some animal types to your child. In this way, you will create a connection between your child and nature.


nature corner for the toddler room,

Keep the Montessori Room decluttered.

The room should be open enough to run, climb, jump, learn, and discover. Therefore, you should not bring so much stuff into the room. You should encourage your child to tidy up the room. The more you keep the room decluttered, the more your children can discover without any harm.


a child playing with her parents

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