75 Square Meters Home Decor


Just as there are many kinds of decorations for large houses, there are many alternatives for small house models. You just need to find the right designs. When decorating a house, it is necessary to consider its architectural features. The size of the house comes at the beginning of these features. If you have a small house, you should definitely keep in mind the interior decoration, you should avoid getting furniture that will not fit in your rooms.


No wonder of the items with a suitable design according to your home model. You can have special furniture suitable for small houses, as well as practical designs. Especially the products that stand out with their functional features will make your work easier. It means turning to compact furniture.  This allows you to have a more spacious space thanks to the space-saving items. Apart from practical furniture, beautifying small house models is possible with creative decoration ideas.  For example, you can find hundreds of alternatives, such as painting a wall in different colors or using wall-mounted shelves. The goal of 75 square meters of home decorations is not only to make more space. It is also important to give your home an aesthetic appearance after placing the items you need.

Color the seats

Light colors are preferred to make the living room look larger than it is. 75 square meters of house models often see what we prefer.  However, color intervention is essential to revive home decoration.  Single armchairs that complement the cream-colored large armchair can be revitalized by choosing from blue velvet.

Use eye-catching colors

The red-colored furniture in the living room is designed according to an apartment. The color used in both the seats and the middle table can also be used on the television stand for a complete fit.

A seat of a decor

75 square meters of house halls can also be as attractive as big houses. Maybe you can’t place a lot of seats, but you can turn a single-seat corner into an aesthetic decor.