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9 French Interior Design Ideas to Create a Better Home for You

9 French Interior Design Ideas to Create a Better Home for You

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The whole world appreciates French culture with its perfect scents, foods, fashion, and, of course, interior decoration. If you would like to check out new trends, you better first look at the French magazines! Today, we would like to be your assistant on your French interior design journey. Together, we will discover how the French style is stunning and sophisticated. Just like every design trend, there are some rules and suggestions to follow. So, if you are ready, let the adventure begin!


9 French Interior Design Ideas to Create a Better Home for You


Embrace the history of your apartment

In France, many of the buildings have a great history. For example, probably the newest apartments in the city center are from the early 19th century. Therefore, every apartment has a history and a soul for the French people. Therefore, you should embrace the past of your apartment. Before starting to decorate according to the French style, try to create a connection between you and the past of your apartment.


Embrace the history of your apartment


Mix different styles

French interior design is not about sticking to the rules. Of course, there are rules and trends to follow, but you should try to feel free at the same time. For example, you can create an anti-decor element in your apartment that is very French. You can place both modern and vintage items that are exactly opposite of each other in terms of style. Such a room may seem strange to you, but be sure it has French-style décor!


vintage bedroom


Include moldings

French interior design does not include certain rules. But having moldings in houses is common. In fact, it should be followed if you would like to create a French modern interior design. The moldings can be imitations of art pieces or uniquely designed by low-priced, high-quality artists. In fact, you can check out e-commerce websites to find more options.


Place a fake fireplace

French people love fireplaces. But if you do not have a fireplace currently, you do not really need to create one. In order to decorate your home according to French interior design ideas, you can simply place a fake fireplace with a nice touch of art. All you need to do is add a mantle and dress it nicely.


fake fireplace


Blend colors

There is no rule in French interior design. But the main rule you need to follow is to blend colors. The French do not like neutral colors. Instead, they like placing items in different colors. You can choose a green hue for your wall, and your couch can be yellow. So, try to choose the color you like most and start decorating!


French style interior


Reflect on your lifestyle.

As we said in the first place, every apartment has a history, and so do you! You have a personality that waits to be reflected in every way. So, your apartment can be a good starting point for it. According to the philosophy of French people, the apartment we own should be functional, have enough space to spend time in and reflect our lifestyle. Therefore, do not be nervous about your life and hobbies. It is time to reveal yourself.


Reflect your lifestyle.


Use antique mirrors.

You have created a fake fireplace, right? Now, it is time to hang a great-looking antique mirror on your perfectly designed fireplace. But if antique mirrors are too expensive for you, you can buy a cheap mirror and make it antique yourself. Keep in mind that every interior design trend contains mirrors. If a house does not own a mirror, it cannot reflect energy, light, and your inner self.


use antique mirrors for French style decor


Choose antique accessories.

Even modern French interior design contains antique accessories. Because, it is all about the French’s loving history of the items. To create a nice French interior design, get a couple of antique items and place them around your home. But of course, try to buy functional ones. We do not want you to throw them away a few weeks later.



Check out iconic French patterns.

French culture is one of the richest cultures in the world. Because of multinational populations, historical events, and mythology, you can find patterns almost everywhere. For example, you can check pillows that have a toile de jouy pattern on them. If you are looking for a more modern solution, you can check out less patterned ones on the internet and in stores.


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