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9 Steps for Laundry Room Organization

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Let us admit that we generally do not give importance to our laundry rooms. But in fact, we spend quite a lot of time in the laundry room, and we need to level up our laundry room organization. Because when we think about the time we spend washing our clothes, sheets, towels, etc., we need to make our lives simpler at some level. Besides, instead of having an inefficient and ugly room, we should try to create at least a bearable one. Today, our aim is to help you with laundry room organization and create the perfect one for you. If you do not have a separate room for laundry, you can optimize our suggestions according to the space you have in your bathroom or kitchen.


laundry room organization hacks

Laundry Room Hacks


Build a storage area above your machine.

This item is for those who have space above the laundry and drying machines. If you have space but do not have shelving, you can install a counter above the machines. Because generally, we tend to put many unnecessary items on our machines. And this causes clutter. You can complete a big step in laundry room organization with extra shelving.


shelves above laundry machine


Use organizers.

Let us assume you do not have space for wall-mounted shelving. Instead of shelves, you can try buying organizers to put on your machines. You can categorize the things you can put on the machine. But if you have a habit of putting everything you do not know where to place on a tray, you can buy a fancy tray. Then you can put these items in the tray. Getting rid of the clutter in the first place will help you a lot with laundry room organization.



Use containers.

Detergent packaging does not look good or organized. As the aim of the laundry room decoration is to create an organized and decluttered area, we suggest that you use containers. You can put your detergents and conditioners in these containers and improve the organization of your laundry room. Besides, these containers look really classy.



Create space for an ironing board.

We know that many people put ironing boards behind doors. And this does not look good. So, we suggest you create a space for an ironing board for the perfect laundry room organization. You can either split your closet in the laundry room or buy a hook for the board. Robe hooks are easy to install and a more affordable option.


Half way done!


Utilize the small gaps.

Do you have gaps between your machines and the wall or the wall and sink? For laundry room organization, you can utilize this space by adding mobile or mounted shelves. This will create a lot of space for the items you would like to hide. You can put soaps, cleaning sheets, towels, and more on this shelving system. Besides, these small-dimension shelves are affordable and easy to use.


Hang a rail for clothes.

Sometimes you may need to hang your clothes after drying or ironing. A rail hung from the ceiling is perfect for laundry room organization. It will not take up space and be practical.



Put ties on the mop and broom handles.

All mop handles and broom handles have a small hole so that you can hang them. But we all know that these holes are useless. Buy hangers and mount them on your wall. Then, use zip ties and put them on the mop and broom. You can hang your equipment on the handles with zip ties.




But a foldable ironing board cabinet

Let us assume that you do not want to take your ironing board out of the cabinet and place it again every time. We have found a foldable ironing cabinet that is easy to use. When you need the ironing board, open the cabinet and unfold the board. This laundry room organization hack will help you save a lot of time and space!



Buy a wall-mounted drying rack.

Laundry room organization is hard. Because you have dirty clothes, clean clothes, and clothes to dry. If you do not have a drying machine or prefer traditional drying for specific clothes, you will need a drying rack. But traditional drying racks occupy a lot of space. Therefore, you should get a wall-mounted drying rack and use it. These racks are also foldable, which means your rack will not cause clutter.


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