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A Walk in The Ekko

When you can not go on hiking, cycling, snowshoeing, horse riding or cross-country skiing, rambling or hillwalking, you can just go walking in a relaxing place especially designed for that. We would like to speak to you about such a particular place or special walk. Situated in northern Denmark, visitors are able to walk through a twisted loop of timber while being able to enjoy the sound of their footsteps and voices played back to them. While 200 frames made of wood with incrementally different sizes form the twisted structure, there is this circle made of concrete that guides a continuous walkway. For amplifying the spiral feeling, there are some microphones hidden between the beams that record everything, and also some tiny speakers that play back the remixed records creating a distorted echo. On the surfaces in the interior are created light and shadow stripes thanks to the framed structure. This installation was designed by Thilo Frank, a German artist.

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