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Amazing and Unusual Phones

Collection of amazing and unusual Phones

Samsung X830 (SGH-X830) / Samsung Blush

It may have come out of the Samsung factory with a very dull name – the Samsung SGH-X830– but this is probably one of the most interesting phones  [link]

Kiss Phone for Ladies 

This interesting new gizmo is designed to be able to send kisses between users across the distances. The phone will supposedly record the “percussion speed, pressure, temperature, and sucking force of the lips,” when kissed, according to the products webpage. You can then transfer the kiss to a selected “friend,” save it for future personal use, or even upload it to the web for other people to download and enjoy! 

Product Page [Proinvention] [viaGizmodo]

Crisp colours [link]

Gun Phone [link]
Cool phone on a watch [link]
Nokia 888 
Flexible plastic cell phone [link]

Cool G108 Watch Phone  

This Phone will be good for on-the-go business travelers who are looking for an alternative to cell phones, the Cool G108 should do the trick. This watch phone features a “1.5-inch internal display, 1.3-megapixel camera, multimedia player, Bluetooth, 0.5MB of built-in memory and a MMS expansion slot.”  [link]