Amazing Stained Glass Doors


Diapositives often seem limited in their use – project them onto a wall or get them made into ‘proper’ photo prints – not to mention how they project a retro atmosphere.

Unless you do what Armin Blasbichler Studio did and turn an entrance door – the part of a home often overlooked – into a mesmerizing show of color and light.

Made from 585 colorful laminated diapositives, sitting on glass in a laminated wooden frame, the TIII door guards a private residence in Luson, Italy.

Solid-colored, they’re images of swatches across PANTONE’s Matching System of more than 2000 colors – but from the dark depths of Cypress to the cheerful and vibrant Deep Orchid, the door holds everything.

Like stained glass windows, the wandering daylight creates beautiful effects by casting a rainbow onto the floor and walls that always seem to change.

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