Anglepoise Lamp – The Original 1227


Has a more perfectly designed table lamp ever been invented? Back in 1935 the first Anglepoise Lamp, designed by George Carwardine first hit the market. Carwardine has been working in his theoretical concept for balancing weight and harnessing motion with springs, cranks and levers since 1931. When it hit the shops it created a sensation, and redefined table lights forever. The original four spring model was later redesigned to become a four sprint one – the 1227. It had steel arms and a “three tier base”. For years the Anglepoise dominated the table light market, and was adopted by industries as their standard form of lighting. An Anglepoise lamp combines form with function, producing an infinitely adjustable light source. Reissued in 2009, to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Anglepoise you can now buy an original 1227 again.
Text by Eve Pearce