Anymaka is a functional, life-changing hammock that you can assemble in just 3 seconds. Let us discover more about this futuristic product!

What is Anymaka? Build Your Hammock in 3 Seconds


Are you ready to swing into serenity? Anymaka is just for you! The Anymaka hammock is more than just a piece of outdoor furniture. It is a portal to a world of calm and tranquility, a physical representation of the art of enjoying the present moment. When you lie in bed, you are surrounded by nature. You can feel the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair. There is no rush, no stress, and no worry.


a man sitting on a hammock

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Say goodbye to the complex installations.

This unique design is user-friendly and allows you to complete its installation in just a few seconds. Anymaka hammock boasts a sturdy aluminum frame that is resistant to rust and capable of accommodating weights of up to 550 lbs. It is adaptable to fit hammocks of different sizes and can be effortlessly assembled in just 3 seconds.


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Select the most suitable mode.

With eight adjustable points on each arm, you can easily slide and secure the hammock into your preferred position. It is possible to get a loose hammock that hangs low like a seat or a stretched hammock that is stretched for lying on.


a man sleeping on a hammock


Storage has never been this easy.

When folded, this portable hammock folds into a small duffle measuring 41 inches across, making it ideal for storing everywhere. The stand itself weighs only 23 pounds and is simple to assemble. It takes just as long to fold the stand as it does to set it up.


a woman carrying Anymaka hammock


Uninterrupted Joy with Anymaka.

The canopy of Anymaka provides shade and protects you from the sun with up to 50 SPF. In addition, there are holders where you can put your belongings. It can even protect you from sudden downpours thanks to its DWR (durable water repellent) coating.

Enjoy nature with a new definition of freedom and comfort!