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Architecture Rings Celebrate the World’s Iconic Skylines of Beloved Cityscapes

Every goldsmith is an artist that has its creativity flow into his or her designs. Ola Shekhtman is one of those creative geniuses that have brought to us miniatures of the world’s most loved landscapes. She creatively makes and polishes these landscapes into rings that you can wear all day. These rings possess a small form of world’s renowned landscapes. These rings are handmade and made with metals. These metals are molded, cut and then polished into different designs. One can also call it 3D printed rings or architecture rings.

It is a unique experience to wear these miniatures all day long and display your love for your favorite metropolitans like London, Paris, New York. It is available in designs of Boston, Hong Kong, Washington D.C, Charleston, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin, and Edinburgh for now. She travels metropolitans every few years and lets the beauty of the city crafted in different designs with her creative flow. She is a master of this art and has made most beautiful designs and perfectly crafted pieces of rings for us to flaunt in style. You can browse all the designs of these rings that are available in Shekhtman’s Etsy Shop.


New York City



Hong Kong

Washington D.C.


San Francisco