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Awesome Vimagio’s Magnets

Vimagio is a group of creative people who decided to pump a little bit of colour to everyday lives. They make eye-catching fridge and dishwashers’ magnets which can change interiors in a minute.
Magnets are made according to personalized orders especially to clients’ needs. They are easy to apply and remove. Moreover, they can cover scratches and damages on the kitchen utensils. You can place magnets on the front side as well as on both sides of the fridge. The magnet adjusts to flat and convex (ex. producer logo) surfaces. They are durable and easy to clean up.  Due to a great variety of patterns everyone can find something that hit the bull’s eye. You can choose between ready designs, what is more you have the possibility to send your own graphics or photos as well.

Contact: vimagio.co.uk