Camping on a Higher Level: Suspended Tree Tent


Tents are becoming more and more specialized with time offering amazing outdoor experiences. If you are a nature and adventure lover picking the right tent can be quite a challenge as you have to take in consideration numerous quality factors. We present to you an amazing suspended tent named Tenstsile designed by Alex Shirley-Smith, an architect and treehouse designer. One of the best features of this product is the fact that even if it is quite big it is very easy to carry it. You can enjoy relaxing moments in this ingenious tent, not only because it is suspended but also because it is split into three different chambers for additional privacy. The package comes with a leader so you can easily get in and out and you can say goodbye to unwanted visitors and water (when raining) because now you aren’t sitting on the ground anymore. By day, you can convert it to a hammock, isn’t this awesome?