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Cars: 10 Next-Generation Car Inventions

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Whether you drive a hatchback, an SUV, or a pickup truck, you can guarantee that there’s an invention out there that will improve the functionality and versatility of your vehicle. Here are some next-generation car inventions that are worthy of your attention!


1. Valeo XtraVue

Let’s start with a look at Valeo XtraVue, the world’s first system that allows a driver to “see through” other vehicles, or through the trailer or caravan they’re towing.

Using cameras and software developed by Valeo, the system combines the data recorded by the vehicle and trailer cameras into a single, consistent image. It’s as if your car has a new superpower!

The image is displayed on a screen in front of the driver, allowing them to see what is happening in front of other vehicles. The system makes overtaking on narrow or winding roads much safer. Just remember that with great power comes great responsibility!



2. Cars: Valeo Voyage XR l

Voyage XR is another pioneering system from Valeo that lets you bring a virtual friend or relative along for the ride!

Now you no longer need to endure a long, tedious drive by yourself, you can invite someone like your mom along to keep you company! She’ll be able to see everything you see thanks to the wonders of virtual reality!

A range of cameras and sensors, combined with body-tracking software and a telematics control unit, create a convincing and enjoyable experience for both driver and passenger, complete with a fully-fledged avatar and 360-degree views!

You can have real conversations and even interact by sharing photographs that show up on the driver’s screen! Just imagine being able to bring the family together, even if they live hundreds or thousands of miles apart!

The Voyage XR is an excellent example of how modern technology can really enhance the human experience, making immersive connections on the move!


3. T-Step, A Retractable Step for Cars

T-Step is a retractable step that provides a leg-up for vehicle owners everywhere!

The robust, easy-to-use T-step is made from heavy-duty materials and allows owners to conveniently access the bed of their truck. It can support up to 100 kilograms of weight and it tucks away neatly and securely when not in use.


4. The Solid Shield

This next piece of kit, called the Solid Shield, is something that all car owners should have stored in their trunks…especially if you like to go off-roading or regularly drive through sand, snow or mud! It comes in a compact case and consists of a belt, a buckle and the shield itself.

The solid shield unfolds and is placed on top of a wheel that has become stuck, like this one. Then the belt, made from the same highly-durable material as seatbelts, is used to wrap around the tire and secure the solid shield in place.

The thick metal buckle hooks on like so and by pulling the belt through the shield is tightened. Then it’s just a case of stepping on the accelerator and…free at last!

The shield is easy to operate and can be placed or removed in a matter of seconds, which has to be preferable to being stuck in the desert for hours!


5. Hydraulic UTV Deck by Tufflift

If you’re someone who likes to take additional vehicles on an adventure with you, you’ll definitely appreciate these next designs.

This is the Freightliner Sport Chassis Tufflift, a hydraulic UTV deck with a 4000-pound lift capacity. It’s perfect for transporting up to 3 snowmobiles, or 2 jet-skis, a UTV, or 2 quads.

The system takes less than a minute to go from the bed of the truck down to ground level, allowing you to roll onwards and upwards in no time!

Even with a full load, the hydraulic mechanism lifts the UTV up smoothly and gracefully, transporting it from the ground onto the back of the pickup and keeping it secure, all in less than 60 seconds!


6. Lil Hercules by Detroit Wrecker Sales

Continuing on with vehicles that transport other vehicles, check out the Lil Hercules from Detroit Wrecker Sales.


This ingenious system allows workers to transform their personal truck into a wrecker (also known as a tow truck or recovery vehicle) anytime they choose! It, therefore, eliminates the need for a dedicated tow truck, saving workers valuable time and money!

After attaching the system to their truck and configuring it, the driver simply maneuvers into position, and the automated mechanism locks into place.

Lil Hercules is made using incredibly strong & durable construction materials and boasts a 5,000lb lift capacity, a 10,000lb towing capacity, and a 70-inch reach.

It can be used in all weather thanks to the company’s unique two-piece hexagonal nut-and-bolt design pin system, as well as their signature oil-infused bronze bushings that claim to be the strongest on the market. Resistant to corrosion, they’ll never freeze up, meaning they last longer and require less maintenance, so you can spend more time on the road making money instead of in the shop, paying for repairs!

Custom, heavy-duty leaf springs & helper springs, also add to the longevity of Lil Hercules, and there are a variety of add-ons which mean it can tow a range of different vehicles in practically any scenario!

If someone needs a winch, no problem! The system can even be used as a carjack or to help tow a caravan or trailer. It’s a strong product that certainly lives up to its name!


7. Reflex Edge from König

Moving on, we’ve already seen a product that can help you out of a jam, but what if you could prevent getting stuck in the first place?

If you’re planning on driving through heavy snow, do yourself a favor by investing in the Reflex Edge from König.

This revolutionary easy-to-fit snow chain has been developed specifically for cars with restricted wheelhouse clearance.

It’s incredibly simple to apply to the wheels of your car. Once it’s clicked into place, your tires will instantly gain the extra traction they need. And when you no longer have use for them, removing the chains is just as easy as putting them on!




8. The STAYHOLD® Compact Safety Shovel for Cars

Mind you, if you are going to be traveling through thick layers of snow, I recommend having this next product in your car just in case!

The STAYHOLD Compact Safety Shovel has a multitude of uses and could end up being your best friend on a cold day! It’s been expertly designed to perform a number of tasks, like freeing your car’s windows from ice and snow!

You can grip it with one hand or two, and aside from being an essential piece of winter gear, it looks like it’s a lot of fun and very satisfying to use.

Made from super tough, high-impact thermoplastic, the Stayhold shovel can withstand heavy use and is even capable of being driven over by your car!

Its compact, lightweight, and dependable form makes it ideal as a survival shovel that can be used in skiing, backcountry, snowmobile, or avalanche situations, enabling you to handle the extreme!



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9. TYGER T3 Tri-Fold Truck Bed Cover for Cars

Making sure you don’t fall victim to the elements is one thing, but what about if you’re transporting a load of goods in the back of your pickup? Thankfully, Tyger has them covered too, with its tri-fold truck bed cover!

Also, he soft tonneau cover comes completely assembled for a quick and easy installation, requiring no additional tools to set up.

It folds easily for speedy access to the truck bed and provides crucial protection for your cargo with a customized look! The cover mounts on top of the truck bed rails and clamps immovably into place.

Then, once fitted, the sleek design not only protects your stuff, it also improves your vehicle’s aerodynamics. In addition to providing an average saving of up to 12% on gas! It takes just minutes to assemble, so you can start reaping those sweet sweet rewards in no time!



10. Bruno Pickup Truck Mobility Scooter Lift / Wheelchair Lift for Cars

Last but not least, everyone deserves their own independence and the Bruno pickup mobility scooter lift is also an invention that allows wheelchair users to get from A to B without a hitch.


At the press of a button, in addition, the Bruno stowaway transfer seat emerges from a weather-protected drawer and raises automatically to your desired height.

Once on the transfer seat, you can place the safety bar and use another remote control to activate the lift located in the truck bed for your wheelchair. Then, simply connect the docking clip to your mobility device and with another button push the rear mechanism will gently lift and rotate your wheelchair before placing it in the truck bed. Now you can continue to make your way into the driver’s seat. You can do this by retracting the transfer seat back into its original position once you no longer need it.

Bruno also makes a curb-sider lifting machine that can load mobility devices into a truck bed. In a similar fashion, you simply connect the loader to your mobility scooter or wheelchair. Then, press a button and let the robot handle the rest!

If you need all of your pickup space, a third option is Bruno’s hitch-mounted outsider which carries your mobility device behind your truck, rather than in it.

All of these systems are also fantastic and give people living with disabilities the gift of freedom!


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