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Clothing Art By Guerra de la Paz

Lately, everybody seems to be speaking about recycling old clothes instead of throwing them out. Consequently, there appeared this trend of do-it-yourself projects and other related suggestions, but there are two artists that decided to come up with a new way of recycling clothes and art at the same time. Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz are these two artists that found this ingenious way of using old clothing. Both born in Cuba and raised in the USA, they seem to have the same feeling about art and war, and they have been working together since 1996. Their stage name means “War of Peace” in Spanish, and they got to it combining their surnames. In 1997, they moved to a studio in Miami, in a neighbourhood full of shipping second-hand clothing businesses that used to get rid of countless amounts of apparel daily. This is how they got the idea and began rooting through the waste bins of this companies and selected material for their creations that all are inspired by this contrast between war and peace. One of the most impressing works is Pieta a reproduction of the great work of art made in 1499 by Michelangelo Buonarroti which is of great importance as it mingles Renaissance ideals with those of natural beauty.