Coffee Mugs Inspired by Music


When at work, you might find yourself in different shapes, maybe some days are better than the others, but what can you do when they are worse?
Here is an interesting fun way of making an effort into how your working space looks like so that you can be productive during work hours: make sure that your working space is as chic as possible and has as many details as possible to remind you of your hobbies and your free relaxing time. If you want an example, take these Music Inspired Mugs. You can choose an Amplifier Coffee Mug or any of the models that use the keyboards as an inspiration. There are also these handmade coffee cups for different musical instruments including Saxophone or Acoustic Guitar. If you are not fond of playing any instrument, but you simply love other people’s work, and you like listening to music, you can even pick your favorite band or singer and go put it on your mug. Therefore even if you have a bad day, or at least you think it started this way, when you get to the office and you see this mug with this special design on it, you will most certainly think about more pleasant days, making this one at least a little bit better.

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