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Creative Ways to Redesign Your Bedroom

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Your bedroom should be your sanctuary – a 
place where you can get away from everything, 
sit back, and relax. This is true for both adults 
and children, although both are likely to 
have different requirements over what is required 
to help wind down and relax. 
Children’s Bedrooms
Many children go through phases of having a favorite thing, usually a toy, TV show, film or game. It is easy enough to make their room fresh by replacing the curtains or bed sheets with one relating to their latest craze; however are cheaper and more creative alternatives out there. A pin board can be used to display pictures of their favorite things, or family photos. It is easy to update with the latest trends, and you can even let your child loose with painting it a bright color without risking any permanent damage to your walls. 

Children often find themselves occupying the smallest bedroom in the house, and it can sometimes be hard to imagine how it can be redesigned in a way that frees up more space, whilst giving them the storage space they require. When you are trying to get a comfortable place to relax, cabin beds can be a great option, as they only take up the same floor space as a regular bed, yet offer plenty of storage too. Cabin beds are great for <a children’s rooms, as they are available in a variety of styles and colors, whilst removing cupboards that take away precious space for playing on the floor.

Adult’s Bedrooms
You would be amazed at how much difference removing clutter can make to your sanctuary, and how much more relaxing it can feel just because it is clean and tidy. Throwing away old shoes and clothing is one way of doing this, as is giving the walls a fresh lick of paint, or replacing a tired carpet. 
Coming up with alternative storage solutions is a much more exciting way of getting rid of clutter, for example, turning your book collection into a headboard, or breathing new life into a tatty set of drawers not only with some fresh paint, but also by covering it with a collection of prints, photos or drawings. 
When you are next redesigning your bedroom, don’t just think about a new color scheme, or how your furniture can be moved around, think about what new furniture could maximize your space, and what could be done to improve or spruce up the furniture you are using already.
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