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Credit Card Knife

CardSharp is a real knife for a real man! This particular knife, which is surprisingly compact and convenient, is always handy! It is a Folding knife that is always comfortable and useful not only in the campaign, but also in everyday life.
Like we said, CardSharp is a knife that has a compact size, since when it is retired, it looks like a regular credit card (hence the name), and corresponds exactly to the sizes of one. This knife weighs only 13 grams, it has a blade of a 65 mm length and a thickness of 2 mm. CardSharp has a surgical steel blade and it is Teflon coated. When folded, it is safe enough to exclude accidental injury to its owner, the size and shape of the card allows you to wear it, not only in your pocket or purse, but also in your pocketbook. CardSharp knives are not weapons. They are certified by the public certification authority service and it is a civilian weapon. You can buy it here.

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